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Top 20 Hottest Solo Leveling Characters: Male and Female (Ranked)

Hottest Solo Leveling Characters

Solo Leveling is the first manhwa that brings global recognition to the entire manhwa industry through several aspects. In today’s post, we will introduce you to some of the hottest Solo Leveling characters. Each of them not only had an attractive look but also had a captivating personality.

Due to belonging to the top manhwa of all time, they are all incredibly strong and possess a wide range of supernatural skills. So let’s get straight to this wonderful list of the hottest Solo Leveling characters and find out why they rule over fans’ hearts.

Top 20 Hottest Solo Leveling Characters: Male and Female (Ranked) 

20. Adam White

Adam White
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Let’s start our list of hottest Solo Leveling characters with Adam White. He is the chief of the Asian branch of the Federal Bureau of Hunters. He is a handsome man with beautiful orange hair and blue eyes. Due to holding such a high position, he looks quite decent and is very good at words.

Moreover, he usually wears business suits consisting of a shirt and a tie. Adam has a selfless personality and never holds any grudges against anyone. 

19. Yoo Jinho

Yoo Jinho
Source: Solo Leveling Anime

Despite being a D-rank hunter, Yoo Jinho grabs the position of vice guild master at Ahjin Guild, the strongest guild in Solo Leveling. This is because the guild only had three members, and he is one of them. His boyish face and stylish hairstyle provide him with an attractive look.

He always wears casual outfits, no matter if he is going on raids or dates. He always takes things in the wrong yet humorous way, which adds a comedy element to the series. Due to being in Jinwoo’s guild, he got plenty of role time and made a deep connection with fans. 

18. Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho
Source: Solo Leveling Anime

Baek Yoonho is successfully making his place in the list of hottest Solo Leveling characters due to his attractive look. He had an attractive, muscular physique and a stylish hairstyle that suited him the most. While fighting against powerful opponents, he underwent a drastic change in appearance and transformed into a white tiger beast.

Baek is very serious about taking his guild to the top position while ensuring the safety of his entire guild. He never allows anyone to hurt his guild members, whether they belong to the smallest department, such as the collecting or mining teams. 

17. Laura

Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Despite being a minor character, Laura deserves to be on the list of the hottest Solo Leveling characters. This is because she is a truly beautiful lady, whether you look at her adorable face or her sexiest body figure. She had beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair that she usually held in a bun.

Even though she is mostly seen in business suits, her slender figure is still high and grabs your attention. Laura is the secretary of the Scavenger Guild and respects all S-rank hunters, especially Thomas Andre. 

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16. Gina

Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

As Gina appears on the screen, you can lay your eyes off, no matter whether you are male or female. The only reason behind it is her extremely voluptuous figure and large bust. Her beautiful red eyes and short blonde hair add another layer to her epic hotness.

Moreover, she also usually wears a beautiful corset consisting of a mini skirt, hooded cloak, fur trims, and leather gloves. This outfit greatly showed her curve to the utmost, which eventually enhanced her hotness to a further level. On the other hand, she is a very serious person who never says non-sensical things to anyone. 

15. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Hotness is not a proper term to use for Goto Ryuji because he is such a badass character. He is the strongest Japanese hunter, which eventually made him the guildmaster of Japan’s strongest guild. His attractive shaggy hair and a black beard greatly help him to look more attractive and captivating.

Goto portrays himself as a good and polite person just to be in other people’s good books. However, in reality, he has no regard for anyone, not even for his own guild members. Being a hunter in Japan, he is incredibly skilled at using katana and always wields a red katana. 

14. Yoo Soohyun

Yoo Soohyun
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Yoo Soohyun is a cousin of Yoo Jinho, the vice guild master of Ahjin Guild. She is an incredibly famous model from Korea who is famous for her beautiful looks and seductive figure. Her long, silky brown hair, which she styles in several stylish ways, enhances her hotness to another level. As a result, she deserve to lie in the list of hottest Solo Leveling characters.

In order to avoid public recognition, she usually wears casual clothing along with hats and masks. Despite being a non-hunter character, she got enough screen time to make her own place in fans’ hearts. 

13. Sung Jinah

Sung Jinah
Source: Solo Leveling Anime

Now moving forward to Sung Jinah, another non-hunter character who make her place in the list of hottest Solo Leveling characters. She is the younger sister of Sing Jinwoo, the main character of Solo Leveling. Unlike her brother (before Jinwoo’s transformation), she is quite attractive and has a slender figure. She also had dual-color (brownish-black) hair that she held in a ponytail.

Similar to her adorable look, her personality is also very playful, and she cares a lot about her family. Due to being an ordinary girl, not a hunter, she is always seen having fun with others, especially her brother Sung Jinwoo. 

12. Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Now moving forward to next and meet Choi Jong-In, one of the hottest Solo Leveling characters. He is not just attractive but also one of the strongest magicians who specializes in fire magic. Moreover, his smile is quite charming and enhances his attractiveness to another level.

Throughout the series, he wears plenty of business suits that suit him the most, along with his curtain hairstyle and bright red eyes. Being a smoking addict, Choi is usually seen smoking cigarettes, which is one of his notable traits. On the other hand, he is also an S-rank hunter and the current guild master of the Hunters Guild. 

11. Park Heejin

Park Heejin
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Park Heejin is one of the surviving people, along with Sung Jinwoo, during a red gate incident. She is a sexiest anime girl with long black hair and green eyes. She usually wears a fashionable outfit consisting of a shirt with long sleeves, a wing-shaped shoulder pauldron, pants, and shoes.

Her dressing sense is quite unique compared to other female characters, which enhances her attractiveness to a further level. Heejin is a cool girl who knows very well what to do in difficult situations to survive. As a result, she goes with her sixth sense and prefers to stick with Sung Jinwoo rather than go with Kim Chul to charge up. 

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10. Querehsha: One Of The Most Popular And Hottest Solo Leveling Characters

Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Querehsha is the Monarch of Plagues and also one of the strongest monarchs in Solo Leveling. She is one of the hottest Solo Leveling characters and is blessed with a voluptuous figure and scarlet-red eyes. Being a Queen of Insects, she had insectile hands and feet. While wearing greenish-black armor, she excellently shows her hotness by revealing her upper cleavage and shoulders.

Even though she had a bloodthirsty personality and took pleasure in killing her prey, she also showed her motherly love for her minions. Her seductive look and fearsome personality are the major reasons to add her in the list of hottest Solo Leveling characters.

9. Tarnak: One Of The Strongest And Hottest Solo Leveling Characters

Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Now, let’s meet another Monarch, Tarnak who also deserve to lie on our list of hottest Solo Leveling characters. He is the Monarch of the Iron Body, who also holds the title of King of Monstrous Humanoids. He always wears fashionable outfits consisting of long coats, shoulder pads, t-shirts, gloves, shoes, and pants.

Tarnak always carries a serious expression on his face that excellently shows his egoistic nature. Moreover, he is overconfident in his invincible power and looks down on all human beings. Among all monarchs, he is the one who believes Sung Jinwoo is not fit for the position of the new shadow monarch.

8. Lennart Niermann

Lennart Niermann
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Lennart Niermann lies in 12th place on the world’s strongest hunter ranking and is the strongest hunter in Germany. Being a German, he is a very handsome anime guy who has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a long coat along with a three-piece suit that gives him a classic yet attractive look. That’s why we bring him to our list of hottest Solo Leveling characters.

Lennart earned a lot of respect from all hunters around the world just because of his polite nature. Moreover, he never hesitates to risk his own life for others, which excellently shows his selfless personality.

7. Lee Joohee

Lee Joohee
Source: Solo Leveling Anime

Lee Joohee is one of the oldest friends of Sung Jinwoo, who knew him before he became the Player in System. She is an extremely beautiful girl, with fair skin and blue eyes. Her long orange hair, which she held in a ponytail, provided her with a unique yet attractive look. Her friendly nature helps her easily mix up with others and develop a good bond with them.

Despite being a B-rank hunter, she is comparatively more fearful than other B-rank hunters. As a result, she always went on easy raids that were not very risky, whereas her work was just to heal injured hunters. 

6. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Let’s move forward to another hottest Solo Leveling characters and meet Christopher Reed. He is the strongest American hunter and the third-strongest national-level hunter. He is a tall and muscular young man with beautiful blue eyes. His messy blonde hair and loose long-sleeve shirt provide him with a stylish look.

Despite being so powerful, Christopher is a lone wolf who loves to live alone. However, he believes he should never back himself from any fight, no matter whom he faces or what the outcome of the fight is. His fearless personality makes him even cooler and grabs everyone’s attention. As a result, we bring him to our list of hottest Solo Leveling characters.

5. Liu Zhigang: One Of The Hottest Solo Leveling Characters In Male

Liu Zhigang: One Of The Hottest Solo Leveling Characters In Male
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Liu Zhigang is not just the strongest Chinese hunter but also lies in the 2nd rank on the world’s strongest hunter list. He had a tall and attractive physique that showed excellently in his black suit outfit. She had long black hair that he held in a ponytail with multiple strands.

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Due to being a battle-hungry individual, he was always ready to go full-on against opponents, no matter how strong they were. His stylish look and captivating personality are the ultimate combination that sets him apart from other male characters. That’s why he lie so high to our list of hottest Solo Leveling characters.

4. Kanae Tawata

Kanae Tawata
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Kanae Tawata is an S-rank hunter in the Draw Sword Guild and one of the hottest Solo Leveling characters. She had beautiful, long black hair, scarlet-red eyes, and an attractive physique consisting of six-pack abs. She paints black nail pants on her fingernails and applies dark purple lipstick over her lips.

Moreover, she had plenty of black tattoos over her arms and chest that looked so stylish on her. As a result, her overall look is quite dark, which gives her an entirely different look than the series’ other female characters. 

3. Esil Radiru: One Of The Hottest Solo Leveling Characters In Female

Esil Radiru: One Of The Hottest Solo Leveling Characters In Female
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Esil Radiru is the princess of the Radiru clan and belongs to a demon species. Despite being a demon girl, she had a human-like appearance and looked extremely attractive. She is blessed with long purple hair and big red eyes that are surrounded by red markings.

Her friendly nature and curvaceous figure excellently help her grab others attention. As a result, she not only gets the series’ characters’ attention but also that of fans around the world. On the other hand, she is the strongest in her clan, and her power level is comparable to that of a S-rank hunter. 

2. Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In
Source: Solo Leveling Anime

Cha Hae-In already shows her immense hotness in a debuted episode of the Solo Leveling anime. She just showed a brief preview of her hotness, but fans already went crazy for her. She is the vice guild master of Korea’s strongest guild in solo leveling.

Her extremely attractive figure and adorable facial features are more than enough to bring her to the list. Moreover, she also has beautiful blonde hair that she styles in a bob-cut hairstyle. As a result, she also make her place the in list of hottest anime girls of all time. Even though she is a socially isolated girl, she never holds back from helping her fellow guild members. 

1. Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin Woo
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

No matter what kind of list we prepare, you will always see Sung Jin Woo in the top position. We can say he is the strongest, best-written, most popular and hottest Solo Leveling characters. After being selected as the player of the system, he became a tall, handsome guy.

His sharp facial features and stylish black hair greatly help him to look hotter. Moreover, he usually wears dark-colored outfits, especially black coats, along with a tie. Even though he had invincible power, he still had zero arrogance and always acted nice to others. 


That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this list of the hottest Solo Leveling characters useful and met someone to your taste. Each of these hottest Solo Leveling characters are extremely attractive in their own way, which you will definitely appreciate. Some of them have stylish hairstyles and attractive physiques, while others have captivating personalities and great fashion sense.

As a result, they left an indelible impression on fans’ hearts and had the potential to create their own huge fan base, especially the top ones. Stay tuned for more Solo Leveling posts and upcoming anime releases.

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