How to Play Retro Games in 2022?

The classic gaming console has gone obsolete. If you have got one, you can sell it for a very high price – it’s an absolute gem. Cartridges used in those consoles also vanish from the face of the earth. Even if you have a console that uses optical discs can’t play games on modern systems.

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How to Play Retro Games in 2022

If you are craving the treat of retro games to revive your childhood memory back, simply stick to the post until the end. We will reveal some of the ways to get your hands on classic games without breaking a sweat. So without further ado, let’s get started.


When it comes to retro gaming, a big part can’t be addressed completely. You can find plenty of emulators for any computer or hardware that was available between 1970 and 2000. If you have a desktop computer or a laptop, you can incorporate emulators that would give access to different games from NES, Sega, or PlayStation 2.

Emulators are ideal for playing classic games on modern equipment. If you are not familiar with the emulator, just think of it as software that can impersonate the hardware of old consoles, allowing your computer to run retro games. Emulators with 2D graphics can boost the pixel size while keeping everything crisp, sharp, and clear. However, systems with 3D graphics can enhance the resolution, offering a brighter, crisper, and clearer image than the original console could.

To run classic games on your system, you need to get a copy of your favorite game to play. If you do not have a cartridge, you might need to look for alternative ways. Don’t think of violating the copyrights because it is considered illegal.

Modern Ports

The majority of classic PC games have been updated and released to run on modern PCs. Similarly, many retro games have been overhauled and released to run on modern gaming consoles. The majority of the games are ports, but you can always go for remasters that blows new life into games such as Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 4.

Games released in the past 15 years are available through digital distribution. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have plenty of classic games that can be downloaded. Almost every game is rendered at 1080p or higher to offer crisp and clear graphics. However, the textures and UI remains the same.

If you have a game disc that is on the list of supported games, Xbox One can play your physical Xbox 360 and Xbox games. The Nintendo Switch is also releasing classic ports. Most of the games are from the last-gen games.

If you have Nintendo Switch online for a monthly subscription of $20, you can access a huge library of SNES and NESA games on your switch. You can access some of the platforms such as The Legend of Zelda. Keep in mind that it is not a very huge collection in comparison to 3Ds Virtual Consoles and Wii u. However, it’s good to start with. You can also get your hands on arcade Sega, Neo Geo Titles, and Nintendo on the Switch. All credit goes to individual retro ports.

You can also search for a collection of classic games either through digital downloads or retail releases. Sega and Capcom are leading from the top. You can access the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection including Street Fighter III, and Mega Man X.

Compilation Consoles

Retro game consoles allow you to access classic games on the classic system. You just need to plug it into your television and the low-resolution display is rendered in high definition along with features like saving your progress.

You can also find third part compilation gaming consoles such as cartridge-based Evercade and Retro-Bit Retro Cade. However, these systems are not quite as impressive as that of mini-game consoles. However, you will find a good time playing games from Technos, Capcom, Data Easy, and some third part 16-bit game developers.

Retro Game Systems

A new system has been designed to enjoy older games. Nintendo does not make any gaming consoles that use cartridges anymore, while Sega isn’t making any systems at all. However, third-party companies like Cybergadget, Innex, Analogue, and Hyperink have made their consoles that work on cartridges. All of the systems have slots for one or two classic game cartridges that use either hardware-based electronics or software emulation to play them.

SNES Games - How to Play Retro Games in 2022

Super Retro Trio and Innex Retro-Bit Res are quite affordable gaming systems that incorporate a system on a chip to run like Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES hardware. They can read data from the cartridges just like the original hardware. Also, they display games at 720p through the analog to HDMI converter.

Original Consoles

Original consoles can be ideal if they work perfectly with Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES games. Cartridge-based hardware can go long way if you treat them with care and know-how to clean the connectors.

It also applies to disc-based consoles. If you keep them clean and the motor and lasers in the system don’t fail, they will work perfectly. If the console is still in working condition, all you need to do is plug it into your television for which you need a composite video connection.

Playing Japanese Games

Japanese games are not ordinary games and can be a good pass time for your boredom. What distinguishes it from the rest of the games is that Japanese games are engaging and unique. But the sad part is you cannot access it on Play Store. However, with the help of a VPN, you can gain access to the Japanese app marketplace.

There is only one solution to it and that is to download QooApp, which can allow you to install favorite Korean and Japanese Games on your device. The app allows accessing all the games that are regionally blocked and downloading them in a similar manner as you download and install from Play Store. Here’s how to download and install a region-locked game.

  1. Open any browser on your phone and type
  2. You will see a sticky post at the bottom of the screen. Simply tap the blue button named QooApp
  3. The app will start downloading apk file.
  4. Go to File Manager on your phone and find the download folder in it
  5. Click on the apk file you have already downloaded. The installation will begin and wait until it ends.
  6. Open the app and tap on games
  7. You will find a huge collection of Japanese games on your device.
  8. Enjoy playing Japanese games on your phone now

Summing Up

Love for retro classic games can never be taken out of millennials’ hearts. The aforementioned tricks can let you hook on the classic games and play with your friends on weekend.

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