Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch Online, Preview

Yuzuriha has joined Gabimaru and Sagiri and in Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 they will be moving as a group but it was clear that they do not trust each other can they reach their goal of finding the elixir of life. It will be pretty exciting to see.

The last episode started with the back story of Blade Dragon as he was unparalleled in Eight Provinces and then became an officer for some lord but was then sentenced to life because of some stupid thing he did. Then there was a conversation with his guard and then they found themselves between weird statues and more weird creatures.

Jigokuraku Hell's Paradise Episode 5 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Crunchyroll Netflix EP5 English Sub Subtitles

Gabimaru fought the fish-like creature but then many of them appeared from all directions. Gabimaru then analyzed the situation and killed almost all of them. One of them was about to attack Sagiri but was saved by a Ninja girl and then we saw her sharing various information with Gabimaru and Sagiri. Then we saw Toma who infiltered Executioners and then became one to free his brother who was convicted for his crimes.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Release Date

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 will get released at 7 AM PT on Saturday, 29th April 2023. The anime series is one of the first to get released this Spring season and is getting well received by the fans.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Release Date29th April 2023

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Release Time for different regions

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 will be released at 11:00 PM Japanese Time. Check out the release time according to your region in the below table.

Pacific Release Time7 AM PST on Saturday, 29th April 2023
Eastern Release Time10:00 AM EST on Saturday, 29th April 2023
Central Release Time9:00 AM EST on Saturday, 29th April 2023
Indian Release Time7:30 PM IST on Saturday, April 29th, 2023

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Preview

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Preview shows shots of Sagiri, Gabimaru, and the executioner who joined them in the last episode. It also shows Nurugai with a ninja on a boat. Check the preview below.


Where to Watch Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Online?

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 can be streamed through Crunchyroll which will serve the series in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and India and on Netflix which will stream the series in Asia and Oceania excluding China, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 4 Recap

In the fourth episode of Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise, we saw how Tamiya was one of the very best swordsmen and how he was invited to join him as an officer. Tamiya joined but the lord said jokingly that he can defeat anyone but can not defeat a dragon with his sword and stupid Tamiya took it personally and destroyed the front gate of Lord’s palace and this is how he got convicted for life. He wants to gain freedom so that he can freely practice with swords again.

His guard Rank 9 Yamada Asaemon Fuchi explained to him that the Yamada clan does more than just behead criminals. He told him that they are useful for creating swords and creating medicines. Then they talked about the island and the job he was given. They both ended up between strange statues and creatures trying to attack them. Gabimaru was thinking analytically after he saw the fish monster as it was the first one he faced on this island but it was just the beginning and strange creatures from all sides started to appear.

Jigokuraku Hell's Paradise Episode 5 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Crunchyroll Netflix EP5 English Sub Subtitles

Gabimaru then used his ninjutsu and started dropping the enemies one after another and Sagiri got lost in the sight of all this which she considered as beautiful. She was then captured by a monster but Gabimaru saved they got distracted for a moment and another monster attacked them but they were saved by an executioner this time. Then they met the Ninja girl Yuzuriha and Sagiri was surprised to see two executioners with her. Then she tried to use her methods to control Gabi but he read them through and asked her real purpose.

She then asked him to join her in exchange for information about the island and the creatures that live on it. Then we saw that one of the two executioners named Genji was originally assigned to Moro Makiya but he got killed by Yuzuriha. Then the executioner named Senta who was assigned to her introduced himself. Yuzuriha then showed her true colors and told Gabi that she can betray him anytime but getting the Exilir comes as the top priority. She then shared some info that the bugs on the island are far more dangerous than the monsters.

She experimented with them on Makiya. She then said that centipedes are no threat as they only eat dead flesh. The Senta explained that most of the statues on the island are inspired by Buddhism and Taoism and they have no similarities with each other. Gabi then asked the reason why she is doing all this, she tried to create a fake story but Gabi caught her and she said that there is no reason at all. While they were all talking Sagiri was questioning herself and then collapsed.

Then we saw an executioner named Toma training and then he went to a cell where his brother was kept. Now on the island, he is with his brother now. He has always looked up to his brother as he can always come up with something about how strange or difficult the situation is. Then we saw the back story of Choubei and Toma. Their parents were killed due to a revenge situation for a lord and then they had to live by themselves. Then they were attacked by some bandits but Choubei ended up controlling the group.

It was their plan all along that Toma will become a guard and will rescue Choubei. In the fight, Choubei went berserk and killed many monsters. They think that if these types of monsters exist then there must be the elixir of life and they plan to drink it themselves so then no one can kill or hurt them. The episode ended with Gabimaru and Yuzuriha in their way with their guards.

About Jigokuraku [Hell’s Paradise]

The manga series is famous for its intense and violent action scenes and complex storyline. It has received critical acclaim for its unique characters and world-building and has gained a huge fanbase since its initial release in 2018.

The story begins with Gabimaru, a skilled ninja who is a death row inmate, being given a chance at redemption by the shogunate. He and a group of criminals are sent to a remote island called “Hell’s Paradise” to find the elixir of immortality. Upon arriving at the location, they discover that it is a deadly place, filled with monsters, demons, and powerful ninja clans. Gabimaru is initially reluctant to work with the others but after some time forms a bond with them as they face numerous challenges together.

As their journey goes deeper into the island, they encounter a variety of creatures and enemies, including a group of ninjas known as the “Yamada Asaemon” who were given the task of capturing them, and a powerful demon known as “Tensen” who rules over the island. Gabimaru’s past is also gradually revealed through flashbacks, which show his troubled history as a ninja and the reason for his incarceration. He also develops a romantic relationship with another member of the criminal group, a woman named Sagiri.

The story is known for its intense and graphic action scenes, which often involve brutal violence and gore. However, it also features complex characters and a richly detailed world, with many intricate plot twists and surprises. “Hell’s Paradise” has been praised for its unique and creative take on the ninja and samurai genre, as well as its storytelling and character development.

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