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Kengan Omega Chapter 139 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release date

Something fishy is cooking in Kengan Omega Chapter 139 as we saw on the last page of the previous chapter that something really unpredictable is about to happen. Well, what it can be? We will find it out as soon as the raw scans releases.

In the last chapter, we saw Ohma’s victory celebration as he defeated Lolong with his killer blow. Ohma played a smart move on Lolong and lead the Kengan Association to the victory of this tournament. Then they discuss various future aspects with his team.

Kengan Omega Chapter 139 Raw Scans Spoilers Release date Read English Scans Comikey Reddit

Ohma wants to go after Tokita but his team is against it as they are worried and want Ohma to heal completely before the fight happens. Ryuki was impressed by Ohma as he is the only fighter that has defeated Lolong since he started fighting.

Ryuki thinks he can not beat Ohma if they ever fought in the future. The Falcon, Toa Mudo, and Jurota are surprised by what Ohma just pulled, the entire arena was celebrating his victory. Lolong was the last hope of The Purgatory and they have lost in now and they accepted their defeat.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 139 release date

Kengan Omega chapter 139 will be released on Wednesday 15th December 2021. The manga is serialized in the Ura Sunday magazine.

Kengan omega chapter 139 release date15th December 2021
Kengan omega chapter 139 raw scans release15th December 2021

Kengan Omega Chapter 139 Raw scans

Kengan Omega Chapter 139 raw scans will be available by 15th December 2021 around 3:30 PM GMT. Raw scans will be added here as well so keep checking the site and bookmark this article.

Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 139?

As for the raws, they will be available on this site on 15th December 2021. The English version will be uploaded on various manga uploading sites on the same day.

These are the spoilers for Kengan Omega 139 we can tell you for now, for more we will have to wait some time. Till then you can follow us on Twitter for more news and updates related to your favorite anime and manga series.

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