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Kengan Omega Chapter 141 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release date

The battle of the leaders is already started and it will heat up more in Kengan Omega Chapter 141 as we saw Edward Wu was looking like a beast on the last panel of previous chapter but we shouldn’t underestimate Erioh and Wu Xing too. Well let’s find out togehter what happens next.

In the last chapter, we saw that the battle between the Kure and the Wu Clan. The chapter started with the scene where Kure Erioh killed Solomon Wu. Edward mocks Erioh by saying that he thought he retired from fighting long ago. Fabio wanted to avenge his brother by taking revenge on Erioh.

Kengan Omega Chapter 141 Raw Scans Spoilers Release date Read English Scans Comikey Reddit

But Fabio made a terrible mistake there and barged into fight without thinking and ended up with the same outcome as his brother. Then Erioh went on to attack Edward saying that his head belongs to him but the fight was interuppted by Wu Xing. Wu Xing is the current head of Wu clan Edward told everyone to calm down and they should discuss it first.

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Edward suggets that they both should forget who are gone and join him, this made both of them angry and they attacked Edward at the same time. But Edward was ready for it and attacked both of them and looks like Edward is at the advantage and told them to do something new. The chapter ended with Edward tearing his shirt and looks like he is ready for an intense fight.

Kengan Omega Chapter 141 release date

Kengan Omega chapter 141 is all set to be released on Wednesday 6th January 2022. The Kengan Omega manga is serialized in the weekly Ura Sunday magazine.

Kengan omega chapter 141 release date6th January 2022
Kengan omega chapter 141 raw scans release 6th January 2022

Kengan Omega Chapter 141 Raw scans

Kengan Omega Chapter 141 raw scans will be available by 6th January 2022 around 3:30 PM GMT. Raw scans will be added here as well so keep checking the site and bookmark this article.

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Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 141?

As for the raws, they will be available on this site on 6th January 2022. The English version will be uploaded on various manga uploading sites on the same day.

These are the spoilers for Kengan Omega 141 we can tell you for now, for more we will have to wait some time. Till then you can follow us on Twitter for more news and updates related to your favorite anime and manga series.

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