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Kengan Omega Chapter 99 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release date

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 will begin with the counterattack of Hayami Masaki as he was attacked first by Arashiyama Jurota. This will be the second chapter of the fight between Hayami and Jurota. Keep reading for raw scans, spoilers, and release date.

Round 8 started in the previous chapter and the fighters were Hayami (from Kengan) and Jurota (from Purgatory). We came to know about the past of Hayami. He was a popular kid in his college time, all his friends and classmates respected him. He was also involved in volunteer work. It is also revealed that he was a member of the judo club in his college.

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 Raw scans, Spoilers Release Date

Before the fight starts the referee says Hayami to take out his earphones. Hayami apologizes and gives the earphones to Koga. After that Hayami takes a different stance than his previous stance which surprises everybody. Jurota asks that if Hayami is making fun of him, to which Hayami replies that left and right stance are both equivalents to him.

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The match starts and Hayami makes the first move but is flipped by Jurota. None of the audience or fighters were able to observe the move of Jurota. The chapter ends with Hayami standing up and some strange track is playing in his earphones.

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 release date

Kengan omega chapter 99 will be released on Wednesday 24th February 2021. The manga is serialized in the Ura Sunday magazine. The English version will be available within 24 hours i.e. on 25th February 2021.

Kengan omega chapter 99 release date24th February 2021
Kengan omega chapter 99 raw scans release25th February 2021

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 Raw scans

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 raw scans will be available by 24th February around 2:30 PM GMT. Raw scans will be added here as well so keep checking the site and bookmark this article.

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Kengan Omega chapter 99 spoilers

This chapter will show us the mysterious background of Hayami Masaki and will also reveal the music playing in Hayami’s earphones. It’s highly possible that Hayami is also brutal like his brother and somehow the music keeps him calm. The possible spoilers for chapter 99 are as follows –

  • Hayami is definitely going to attack Jurota and it may be revealed that how Jurota knows about Meguro and the incident regarding Masaki’s family.
  • Raian vs Edward wu could also take place in this chapter as in the previous chapter there was not a single panel of them.
  • Goah and Kiryu may appear in this chapter.
  • It could also be revealed that whether Hayami is a clone or actual brother of Meguro.

Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 99?

As for the raws, they will be available on this site on 24th February 2021. The English version will be uploaded on various manga uploading sites on 25th February 2021.

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These are the spoilers for Kengan Omega 99 we can tell you for now, for more we will have to wait some time. Till then you can follow us on Twitter for more news and updates related to your favorite anime and manga series.

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