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Kingdom Chapter 666 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 666 is releasing this week and we are sharing all the details like release date, spoilers, etc you know before reading the latest Kingdom manga chapter.

We will see shin more in the upcoming chapters that is a good thing. The big war has ended and everyone seems happy about the results of the war.

Kingdom Chapter 666 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 666 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 666 is releasing this week on 7th January 2021 while leaks and spoilers are already out. You can see them below in the spoilers section.

Kingdom Chapter 666 Release Date7th January 2021

Kingdom Chapter 666 Raw Scans

Kingdom Chapter 666 Raw scans and leaks are out and based on these we have covered full spoilers of the chapter below in the spoiler section.

Kingdom Chapter 666 Spoilers

  •  Rei says she’s here to kill Kyoukai.
  • Kyoukai remembers from past Yurren saying that the next shiyuu will come to kill her.
  • Kyoukai asks the reason why she wants to kill her and is the reason for leaving the clan?
  • Kyoukai is weak now and can be easily killed but Rei does not want to do that.
  • Kyoukai says she doesn’t want to fight Rei.
  • After that, she asks about what happened at the ritual.
  • They start to fight a little and Rei has the upper hand.
  • Rei feels that Kyoukai’s life energy has weakened and calls her a fool for using the forbidden tecnique.
  • Shin asks about what Kyoukai did for him.
  • Rei realizes that Kyuokai used the technique on Shin.
  • Rei gives Kyoukai three days time to recover.
  • After three days she will kill everybody in her unit.
  • HSU gets ready to fight Rei but Karyoten stops him from doing it.
  • Rei is a shiyuu and is in deep darkness. If she kills Kyoukai this darkness will deepen.
  • Kyoukai says she will focus on regaining her strength in these three days.
  • Some conversation about Shiki and ritual.

More will be revealed once Kingdom Chapter 666 officially releases. Till then you can the Kingdom 666 Spoilers and Leaks. Also, make sure to regularly visit our website Animetroop to get the latest news and updates about anime and manga.

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