Kurama’s Death: Farewell to An Old Friend

In the recent chapter of Boruto Manga i.e. Chapter 55, Naruto has lost his best friend and a powerful ally KURAMA aka Nine-Tailed Fox or Kyuubi.

Kurama's Death: Farewell to An Old Friend
Farewell Kurama

Naruto was fighting Isshiki Otsutsuki ( whose current vessel was Jigen). As we have seen in the earlier fights with Isshiki that he completely dominated both Naruto and Sasuke and defeated them.

In the current scene, Sasuke was exhausted and was unable to fight. Boruto and Kawaki were also there. In order to save them and beat Isshiki Naruto was forced to use a special mode “BARYON MODE”

What is Baryon Mode? How Kurama died because of it?

“Baryon mode” is a special power that increased Naruto’s power manifolds and due to this massive power increase, Naruto was able to defeat Isshiki.

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when Naruto was struggling against Isshiki in the fight and it was almost inevitable that Isshiki will kill all four of them. In this tough situation, Kurama told Naruto about this special power and lied to him that this mode will cost Naruto his own life.

Why did Kurama lie to Naruto about the cost of Baryon Mode?

Kurama was sealed inside Naruto when he was an infant by Minato Namikaze ( Fourth Hokage) who was Naruto’s father. In this process to protect leaf village and Naruto both Minato and Kushina ( Naruto’s Mom) died.

Kurama was living inside Naruto since his childhood and knew Naruto’s nature very well. Kurama knew already that if he will tell Naruto that the cost of Baryon Mode is his own life, not Naruto’s then Naruto will never unlock Baryon.

In the above case all of them would have died.This is the reason why Kurama lied to Naruto.

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Farewell to an Old Friend

Naruto and Kurama Kurama's Death: Farewell to An Old Friend

Kurama is not only Naruto’s best friend but whole Naruto fans also consider him their true friend. As the death of Kurama is a saddening moment for Naruto it is also a mourning moment for the fans.

How will Kurama’s death affect Naruto’s power level?

As it was evident from the starting of the Boruto Manga that it is all about the new generation of shinobis i.e. Boruto and his friends. The old generation will only serve as supporters.

Now after Kurama is gone Naruto is highly nerfed. His power levels have decreased drastically and now he no longer remains the most powerful shinobi with godly powers. But Naruto still has his Toad Sage mode and Sage of six paths Mode. He is still powerful enough but not like before.

As we all know that Sasuke’s Rinnegan was also destroyed by Boruto controlled by Momoshiki. In this way, both powerful characters Naruto and Sasuke have nerfed.

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What lies ahead of this huge loss?

After the death of Jigen, the leader of Kara Isshiki gave his powers to Code (an inner member of Kara) as it seemed in the last chapter. Now Code might unite with Delta and take revenge for Jigen’s death. Though it remains to be seen.

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