Luffy vs Ace One Piece- When did Luffy surpassed Ace?

Luffy vs Ace

Monkey D. Luffy vs Ace One Piece is both the main character of anime, an adventure-fantasy shnen manga created by Eiichir Oda that has been adapted into an anime series by Toei Animation since 1999. Luffy is Monkey D. Dragon’s son, and he was raised by his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, with his adopted brother Ace in One Piece. His major goal is to become Pirate King, hunting for the One Piece, a historic treasure left by the last Pirate King, Gold Roger.

Portgas D. Ace is none other than Monkey D. Luffy’s brother. Despite not being blood relatives, they have a close sibling relationship due to their bloodline. Ace had a very deep connection with Luffy since their childhood, but their relationship didn’t have a very great start as Ace used to get very annoyed by Luffy. But Ace softened up to Luffy after discovering how lonely he was but became irritated anytime he cried. Ace eventually became overly protective of his brother.

Luffy vs Ace Powers and Abilities

When Luffy One Piece ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum Gum Fruit), it changed his entire body into rubber, allowing him to stretch and twist at his will. Most blunt force strikes bounce directly off Luffy’s body, and he can reflect projectiles like bullets and cannonballs at the person who launched them. He is also resistant to electricity. He also known as sun god nika in One Piece series.

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Moreover, Monkey D. Dragon’s son Luffy One Piece possesses tremendous physical power, capable of lifting heavy rocks, smashing stone, destroying steel with his bare hands, knocking apart vast structures flipping a massive guy into it. He is also specialised in hand-to-hand combat. Unlike others Luffy doesn’t follows any particular fighting style and is completely improvised.

Ace One Piece is also known as ‘Fire Fist Ace’ or ‘Heat Fist Trace’ because Ace is given the ability to control and manage fire, produce fire, and even become fire after eating the Logia Fruit, Mera Mera no Mi, or Flame Flame Fruit. He can reassemble his body from fire, produce solid fire missiles, negate ice-based and smoke-based strikes, and his fire can even burn enemies if they are close by.

He also defensively uses his flames as he is seen using his flames to create giant walls of flames to block his opponents. Aside from the abilities supplied by the Devil Fruit he swallowed, Ace One Piece possessed enormous physical strength and endurance, which he earned via exceptionally hard training in the harsh climate of Mt. Colubo, which included hunting and battling wild monsters from boyhood.

Luffy vs Ace Comparison

Ace One Piece,Luffy vs Ace,Luffy surpass Ace

Sworn brothers Luffy and Ace One Piece are two infamous pirates who cruise the seas of One Piece, following the same goal of freedom – yet they aren’t always the same. Even though Ace and Luffy are both extraordinary pirates, they have very different dependencies, which means that Luffy is highly dependent on his crew even for basic tasks.

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On the other hand Ace can do everything by himself and is a skilled navigator. The first of the two brothers to consume a Devil Fruit was Luffy. When he hung out with Shanks and mistakenly ate the fruit he had stolen, he was transformed into a rubber man with Paramecia abilities.

Meanwhile, Ace in One Piece ate his Devil Fruit before embarking on his adventure. He was stranded on an island and encountered Masked Deuce, who became his right-hand man. Ace One Piece discovered the Logia-type Mera Mera no Mi, which transformed him into fire. 

Luffy vs Ace in One Piece are both extremely stonglest One Piece characters, and they both use Haki. During the two-year time jump, Silvers Rayleigh (the Pirate King’s right-hand man) taught Luffy how to use all three Haki. Meanwhile, while Ace faced Vice-Admiral Draw on Sabaody Archipelago, he reawakened his Armament Haki. Ace had complete command of his Conqueror’s Haki when he arrived at Fish-Man Island. Ace One Piece hasn’t been spotted using Observation Haki, but he has it. This also shows how good of a learner Ace is.

When exactly Luffy surpassed Ace?

Most Onepiece fans think that Luffy surpassed Ace One Piece when he beats Charlotte Katakuri with his Snakeman (another form of Gear 4) with his future sight. In this form Luffy’s wrists, legs, and upper torso are only slightly expanded, but the rest of his body retains its original dimensions. Luffy obtains a huge increase in speed and the ability to employ “Python” to shift the direction of his strikes, which he already has in his Boundman form. However, Snakeman enables his assaults to constantly accelerate the longer they continue, allowing Luffy to press an attack more ferociously on a dodging opponent and increase the speed and intensity of the attack until he eventually lands the blow. With the help of future sight, he would be able to see a lot of attacks coming in the future.

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Some fan theories believe that Luffy surpassed Ace in One Piece when he unlocked his Gear 4 (“Gear Fourth”) transformation in his battle against Donquixote Doflamingo. Luffy’s first gear form is Boundman and it allowed his proportions to be wrapped, and his body also increased in size. But as a side-effect, he could not stand still, and instead, he had to bounce constantly on the spot. 

This form, like Gear 2, appears to follow Rokushiki principles. It has high-speed mobility equal to Soru and can kick off the air like Geppo. It has been carefully modified to function even better with his body’s elasticity: Luffy bounds off the air and allows strikes to bounce off his own body. His physique is also now powerful enough to defend himself from cutting strikes.

But if we take the abilities and endurance of Ace One Piece into consideration then we cannot say that the Boundman can takedown Ace very easily because Luffy will not be able to last long enough in the Boundman form and this form doesn’t have that one hitter quitter in it to take down Ace.

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