Mahito’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

Mahito is one of the series’ main antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen. Mahito’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen was shown in the Shibuya Incident Arc. He is a Pseudo-Geto ally and an unregistered special-grade cursed spirit. He also serves as the group’s head, overseeing Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon. His group aims to wipe off humanity and eventually replace it with cursed spirits. Mahito is a childish, cruel cursed spirit that loves to play with people’s emotions. He thinks himself the ultimate embodiment of human hate of one another and believes he was formed from human misdeeds.

Story behind the death of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito's death in Jujutsu Kaisen
Death of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen

In this arc, Mahito and Geto both decide to kill Kokichi Muta as they realize that Kokichi is no longer used for them. Mahito had to heal Kokichi’s body as they didn’t want to break their bow.

Then there was a huge fight between Mahito and Kokichi. And there was a point in the fight in which it seemed like Mahito’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen resulted from the fight, but suddenly, Mahito made a terrific comeback and killed Kokichi Muta.

Mahito and Geto leave when the battle is over. Mahito and Geto discuss the struggle and how they were able to test the screen for their goal as they departed.
Mahito made many transformed persons on October 31 and hid them behind the curtain at Meiji-jingle Station. Mahito detects that the curtain he has made has been lifted when he is at the Tokyo Station.

Mahito believes a powerful sorcerer is responsible and intends to battle them, but he has work to do. Next, after mutating every person, Mahito transports them all via rail to Shibuya. Mahito goes to attack Gojo as the mutated humans begin to assault the humans but realizes he can’t strike them.

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All the techniques performed on Gojo by Mahito and Choso failed miserably. Mahito thinks about the differences between Gojo and Yuji as each strike fails. Gojo activating his Domain Expansion shocks Mahito.
Mahito observes Gojo being sealed by Geto once he has recovered. Geto informs Mahito that memories must exist inside the body and the soul as his arm regains control.

Mahito observes as the Prison Realm pushes to the ground while Choso and Jogo recover from their dazed states. They learn Kokichi spied on them when Geto describes how the Prison Realm is processing Gojo and that he can’t be transported.

The gang discusses what to do when Yuji yells over what happened to Gojo. As Choso’s intention to kill Yuji enrages Jogo, Mahito informs everyone that they no longer require Sukuna now that Gojo has been sealed.
More sorcerers are coming to their location as Jogo advises them to remain in the station. Still, Mahito and the other spirits depart the facility to look for Yuji as he speaks.

Mahito divides into two once the rest have left, and they depart after Dagon has eaten any humans in their path. Jogo tries to follow him, but Mahito stands in his path. He would divide himself into two sections as well. Later, while hiding in a picture booth, the real Mahito would watch as a hurt Nanami passed by.

Mahito’s killed Nanami

How Nanami Died in jujutsu kaisen?
Mahito’s killed Nanami

Mahito puts his hand on Nanami’s chest after she deals with several mutant humans, and the two of them have a brief conversation. Mahito murders Nanami and then turns his attention to Yuji when he unexpectedly shows up there.
Yuji can stop Mahito’s Body Repel strike as the opponent launches it. Unexpectedly, Mahito emerges from the assault and strikes Yuji. As Yuji inquires how Mahito can murder easily, Mahito responds that Yuji is Mahito. Mahito gets near enough to strike, but Yuji avoids the blow and kicks Mahito instead.

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After gathering himself, Mahito praises Yuji and announces that they will immediately start round two. Mahito then adopts a more strategic position and begins a long-range strike while fleeing. Mahito can elude Yuji’s view by hiding within a person. As Yuji lowers his guard, Mahito can strike him.
The second Mahito encounters Nobara somewhere, and they have a little conversation. Mahito successfully avoids Nobara’s cursed nails when they attempt to attack. Mahito then warns Nobara that her approach won’t work as she hides her vision with a sign and delivers a blow using the Hairpin technique.

In Jujutsu Kaisen Manga, Both of them are stunned due to Nobara’s strikes on the clone, which harm both the original and the clone. Due to Mahito’s weakness, Yuji may unleash a barrage of vicious punches. Both Mahitos abandon the conflict to resolve this problem, compelling their adversaries to pursue them. Sandwiched between Nobara and Yuji, the Mahitos had to race past each other in the subway corridor.

The original touches an uneasy Nobara as the doppelganger races toward Yuji. When Yuji kills the copy, Mahito transforms Nobara’s visage by blasting open one of her eyes and shattering the other.
Mahito concludes that to fully comprehend the nature of his soul, he must once more encounter Black Flash as their battle continues. In his hurry, he strikes Todo, only for a resurrected and laser-focused Yuji to take his place. Yuji prepares to battle Mahito alongside Todo by striking him with his Black Flash and knocking him away.

Todo successfully activates his own Black Flash, but Mahito stops it and is uninjured due to his soul not being wounded. Mahito declares this is their final opportunity and moves the combat onto the city streets using Soul Multiplicity: Body Repel.

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Mahito’s final transformation before death

Mahito's final transformation before death
Mahito’s Real Spirit

Drawing inspiration from Gojo and Black Flash’s reawakening, Mahito briefly expanded his domain. He is brought before Sukuna by this last-ditch attack, and Mahito orders the King of Curses to step aside while he murders Yuji.
Mahito ultimately grasps his real spirit and his true form after using Black Flash twice. Mahito transitions into his Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing by ripping off his face. Mahito determines that killing Yuji will signal the beginning of his true existence in his new form. Mahito is on another level because of his colossal strength and impervious skin.

Mahito makes a hole in his defenses to lure Yuji’s attack but is caught off guard when Yuji unleashes Divergent Fist to throw him off his feet. Mahito turns around after hearing Todo clap as Yuji avoids the fatal blow to discover that they have not switched positions and that Yuji is still in front of him.

How Mahito’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen takes place?

Yuji threatens to murder him as he stares down at him, and the curse listens. Yuji vows to murder Mahito repeatedly without explaining his acts because they are anything other than what they are, no matter how much time passes or how many times they are reincarnated. As Pseudo-Geto appears and asks Mahito if he wants to be saved, Mahito turns to flee from his deadly foe, stumbling and collapsing. With a volley of curses, Pseudo-Geto easily defeats Yuji, but Mahito attacks his ally. Just before Pseudo-Geto uses his vessel’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation method to seal and absorb Mahito, Mahito tells Pseudo-Geto that he has always known what Pseudo-Geto is for him. This is how Mahito’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen takes place, full of action and drama.

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