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Masaaki Yuasa’s Inu-Oh Movie: Release Date, Trailer & Musicians Revealed

Masaki Yuasa’s Inu-Oh revealed a new trailer. Inu-Oh will be released in 2022. Though Inu-Oh (Inu-Ou) was set to release in 2021, the film will be released in 2022 which was announced with the revelation of the new trailer.

Masaki Yuasa is known for telling stories with no restraints and his work’s art and animation style reflect that quality. One can easily recognize his works just by a few glimpses and Inu-Oh is no exception.

Inu-Oh Movie Release Date Masaaki Yuasa

Inu-Oh Release Date:

Inu-Oh will be released in the early summer of 2022. Though it was originally planned for a 2021 release, it was recently announced that it will be released in the year 2022 instead. The reason behind the delay is not revealed.

Inu-Oh Release Date Summer 2022

Inu-Oh Trailer:

A new trailer for Science Saru’s newly animated movie Inu-Oh has also been revealed.

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劇場アニメーション『犬王』特報 2022年初夏全国ロードショー!

The trailer begins with music while different cuts from the film are shown, most of them with individuals playing musical instruments and dancing on those tunes. Within them is hidden the eccentricities of Yuasa’s visions that don’t let you settle.

The trailer ends with the well-known voice of Queen Bee’s lead Avu-chan.

The animation of Inu-Oh looks like the traditional Masaki Yuasa and Science Saru works along with a tone of the 14th century which is pretty new to Science Saru.

Ino-Uh Movie Visual Anime Release Date
Ino-Uh Movie Visual (Source:

Inu-Oh Staff & Cast:

Though the staff members of Inu-Oh are already announced, only one member of the cast has been announced.

Mirai Moriyama will play the character of the blind biwa player, Tomona. Mirai Moriyama is known for his role of Jesus in A-1 Pictures’s Saint Young Men anime series and the movie.

But with the brand new trailer, the musicians behind the Inu-Oh film have been announced.

The voice at the end of the trailer is of Avu Barazono aka Avu-chan, the lead singer-songwriter, lyricist, and vocalist of the band, Queen Bee, famous for their music in Dororo, Devilman Crybaby.

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Another musician being Otomo Yoshihide, a veteran Japanese composer whose contribution to music has no end.

Name of StaffStaff’s PositionFamous Works
Masaaki YuasaDirectorTatami Galaxy, Ping Pong the Animation
Akiko NogiScript               —-
Nobutake ItouAnimation DirectorSamurai Champloo, Night Is Short, Walk on Girl
Norio MatsumotoKey AnimationThe Tale of the Princess Kaguya, Your Name
Taiyou MatsumotoOriginal Character DesignTekkon Kinkreet (OC), Ping Pong the Animation (OC)
Hideki NakamuraArt DirectorMobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Inu-Oh Plot:

Feared by the people for his different physical traits, Inu-Oh is rarely seen in his original appearance. Covered with garments all over his body and the face with a mask, Inu-Oh leads a life where he isn’t accepted as an equal to society.

Soon after an encounter with a blind biwa player named Tomona, Inu-Oh discovers his hidden talent of dancing while tip-toeing to the tunes of Tomona’s Biwa. With that newly discovered talent of his, Inu-Oh breaks out of the shackles that dragged him into the darkness.

Inu-Oh Plot, Staff, Cast, Trailer, Masaaki Yuasa

Thus, Inu-Oh and Tomona began performing together to earn their living while their popularity kept rising. The story is about Inu-Oh and Tomona’s life who become the pillar of support for each other forgetting each other’s curses while searching for the reason behind their curses.

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Be it the trailer, the staff behind Inu-Oh, or the musicians, Science Saru’s latest addition Inu-Oh (Inu-Ou) seems to be a story filled with elements that are full of risks but with Masaaki Yuasa guiding the story, we can rest assured about the film being added to the list of elite works of the Yuasa brand. Based on the novel of Hideo Furukawa’s titled “Heike Monogatari: Inu-Ou no Maki”, Inu-Oh might be Yuasa’s most ambitious work in a while.

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