Mashle Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to Watch Online

Mash was to pull off all the tasks and get par with the bully and vice principal in Mashle Episode 4 there will be new adversities will be waiting for him but that is for sure that he is going to face them head-on with his stoic attitude.

Mash has started his magical school journey to become Divine Visionary. He first faced the challenge to ride a broom and which he did amazingly and even created a new world record with his muscle powers. The teacher was not able to notice but he got noticed by the famous bully Cavill and Finn explained to him why he is feared by everyone else.

Mashle Episode 4 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Story Magic and Muscles Crunchyroll Netflix English Eng Sub

Then Mash looked like he fell directly into Cavill’s trap but that was just Cavill’s dumb luck when Cavill attacked Finn, Mash realized that he was doing something wrong and then put Cavill in his place, he did the same to the vice principal. He was summoned to Beurau of Magic but then walked out without any punishment. Then Mash was invited to the Duelo competition by Tom and he will be taking part in the tournament in the upcoming episode.

Mashle Episode 4 Release Date

Mashle Episode 4 is scheduled to be released on 28th April 2023 at 12 AM according to Japanese Time. The series will be simulcasted on streaming services along with the official Japanese TV release. Check out the services below that are streaming Mashle anime.

Mashle Anime Episode 4 Release Date28th April 2023

Mashle Episode 4 Release Time

Mashle Episode 4 is set to be released at 12 AM JST(Japanese Standard Time) and will be available to watch in various regions at the mentioned time in the below table.

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Eastern Release Time11:00 p.m. ET
Central Release Time10:00 a.m. CT
Pacific Release Time8:00 a.m. PT
Indian Release Time8:30 PM IST

Where to Watch Mashle Episode 4 Online?

Mashle Episode 4 can be watched on various streaming services depending on their service area. We are listing some of them and you can use them to watch Mashle anime.

TerritoriesStreaming Service
South and Southeast AsiaAni One
Worldwide excluding AsiaCrunchyroll
South KoreaAniplus TV

Mashle Episode 4 Preview

You can check out the official preview for Mashle Episode 4 below.


Mashle Episode 3 Recap

The previous episode showed that Mash also realized that he is going to face some problems due to his not possessing magic but he somehow managed to get past the tasks or they were not that important or Mash did not think they were. The first task at hand in the last episode was to cast a spell on the broom and fly. At first, Mash was not able to do anything but then used his muscles and combined with a little bit of physics and was able to set a new world record for broom riding.

Mashle Episode 4 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Story Magic and Muscles Crunchyroll Netflix English Eng Sub

It was then he was noticed by the bully feared by everyone who took an interest in Mash and called him out after the call was over. Cavill is a son of a strong figure in the magic world and he is on good terms with the vice principal and that is why he thinks he can get away with anything. Mash then asked about Cavill to Finn and Finn explained why everyone is terrified of him and he has been like this since middle school. Then we saw Cook Mash and he was obviously making Cream Puffs.

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The next day Cavill again came to Mash and asked why he did not come yesterday and Mash simply said that he forgot. Cavill then gave various tasks to Mash and thought that he fell right into his trap but when Finn refused to take orders from Cavill anymore and Mash realized what kind of a man Cavill is, he did not even take a second to put him in his place.

Then vice principal tried to interfere but it was also of no use as Mash do not understand logic and hierarchy. Then he was called by the Bureau of Magic for what he did but was given no punishment as his views differ from others and then he was explained how he can reach his goal to become the Divine Visionary. While returning from the office Mash encountered Tom who was MVP for the last year’s Duelo Tournament and he asked Mash to join the tournament.

But this was a match where players used to fly on brooms and put the ball inside a goal-like something and the winners are rewarded with silver coins. Everyone was flying and playing while Mash was on the ground as he does not know how to fly. How is Mash going to overcome this? Will be revealed in Mashle Episode 4.

Mashle Episode 4 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Story Magic and Muscles Crunchyroll Netflix English Eng Sub EP4

Story of “Mashle: Magic and Muscles

The story is set in a magical world where magic is a very common ability possessed by most people. However, Mash Burnedead the protagonist of the manga series is an exception to this rule. He was born without any magical powers but he possesses an incredible physical strength that allows him to take on supernatural creatures and adversaries that comes his way.

He is an outcast in society due to his magical powers, but Mash is determined to enroll in the prestigious Easton Magic Academy. The academy is a magic school exclusively for magic users and only admits students with magical powers. Mash takes this as an opportunity to learn magic, get stronger, and fulfill his dream of becoming the world’s greatest magic user.

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To reach to his goal, Mash sneaks into the academy by disguising himself as a powerful magic user student with a powerful magic user’s identity. He soon makes new friends with his classmate, the kind and curious Lance, the shy and timid Inio, and the energetic and competitive Milza. Mash also makes rivals of a group of powerful students known as “The Seven Stars,”.

The series shows Mash’s daily life at the academy, his struggles to fit in with other students who have magic while he doesn’t, and his constant efforts to keep his lack of magical abilities a secret. Mash faces many challenges through his journey, those challenges include difficult exams, dangerous creatures, and rival students who have made a mission to expose his secret.

One of the manga series’ unique aspects is the cluster of magic and physical strength. Mash’s incredible power and combat abilities often make up for his lack of magical powers, allowing him to take on magic users. The series also features action scenes, comedy moments, and unique characters that make the story reading worthwhile.

In conclusion, “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” is a popular manga series that tells an exciting story of an underdog character who faces challenges in his life through sheer determination and physical strength. The story has fantasy, action, and comedy integrated in a way that keeps readers engaged and entertained all the time.

Mashle manga series is written and illustrated by Hajime Komoto and this is his first manga ever. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates related to the Mashle Anime. Make sure to check out all the latest anime and manga spoilers and news.

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