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Mecha Anime Kyoukai Senki Premieres This Fall: New Visual, Preview Released

Originals have been mass-produced for decades now, but the quality of the originals coming out for the past few years has been astonishing.

And it’s not a surprise that the studio known for Mecha Originals will stay behind in the competition for long. Sunrise Beyond’s original mecha anime, Kyoukai Senki will be released on October 4, 2021. 

Kyoukai Senki Anime Release Date4 October 2021

A new visual has also been released.

Mecha Anime Kyoukai Senki Premieres This Fall October 2021: New Visual, Preview Released Date
Kyoukai Senki Anime Key Visual

In the visual, we can see the three protagonists Amou Shiiba, Gatsin Tetsuzuka, and Shibe Zion standing in front of an AMAIM, the humanoid mobile weapon. In the visual, three of them are along with their autonomous thinking AI.

An 11-minute preview has also been released on the Bandai Spirits Youtube channel.

In the preview, we can see Amou Shiiba meeting with the autonomous AI in a sealed container form while he and his friends find useful parts in a destroyed AMAIM.

At the end of the preview, we see a glimpse of AMAIM Kenbu that Shiiba is building by himself. At the very end, Kenbu was showcased using CGI.

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Not only that, the opening theme song of the show is revealed to be “enemy” by Blank Paper.

Kyoukai Senki Character Designs:

These are the three-character designs of the Kyoukai Senki’s protagonists.

Amou Shiba - Kyoukai Senki
Amou Shiba
Gatsin Tetsuzuka - Kyoukai Senki
Gatsin Tetsuzuka
Shibe Zion - Kyoukai Senki
Shibe Zion

The character designs seem to be kept simple and clean for the sake of ease in animation.

Kyoukai Senki Plot:

Japan has lost the power of authority and is being led by four major trade factions by the divide and rule policy.

While the inhabitants are subjected to harsh treatment, the country is leading the world with the deployment of humanoid mobile weapons named AMAIM.

One day due to his love for anything machine Amou Shiiba comes across an autonomous thinking AI. He was soon dragged into the battle to reclaim Japan piloting his self-made AMAIM named Kenbu.


Mecha genre has been dominant for quite some time now, with shows like SSSS.Gridman or the most recent SSSS.Dynazenon, Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, 86, Godzilla S.P, Back Arrow, Getter Robo Arc, and countless upcoming ones the genre is oversaturated. It will be interesting to witness how Kyoukai Senki makes a name for itself in this overcrowded genre.

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