Metallic Rouge Anime: Wiki, Main Characters & Plot (2024)

Metallic Rouge Anime

There are plenty of original mecha anime set to release in 2024 that you don’t want to miss. Out of them, the Metallic Rouge anime is one of the most anticipated because it was created by Studio Bones and Yutaka Izubuchi.

Studio Bones is the same studio that brings us countless favorite anime, such as My Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, Mob Psych0, Sk8 Infinity, and many more.

Yutaka Izubuchi is one of the greatest mechanical designers in Japan and works on several popular mecha anime, such as the Gundam franchise, Patlabor, The Mobile Police, Birdy the Mighty, Ecvanagelion, and so on.

As a result, they combined to become the ultimate duo in the world of mecha that no mecha lover wanted to miss. So let’s get straight to this anime wiki and find out everything about the Metallic Rouge anime. 

Metallic Rouge Anime: Wiki

Metallic Rouge Anime Wiki
Source: Metallic Rouge Anime

Metallic Rouge Anime is entirely an original work that does not have any other counterpart, such as a novel, a light novel, or a manga. As a result, it can be called a mystery box in which no one said what it had inside.

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Fans hoped for something great from it and had very high expectations just because of the involvement of Yutaka Izubuchi. However, there is no doubt that it had stunning animation and great android design, which we all saw in its trailers. Let’s hope the series will also be as great as it seems from the outside. 


Metallic Rouge Anime is set on a futuristic Earth where humans and androids live together. The world is ruled by a government called the “Ministry of Truth,” which wants to kill its enemies.

A group of nine androids called the “Immortal Nine” are the primary enemies who rebel against the Ministry of Truth and shift to Mars. As a result, the agency decides to send Rouge Redstar, an android girl, along with a special investigator, Naomi Orthmann, to Mars to kill the Immortal Nine.

Now, it’s quite interesting to see the ultimate battle between androids and how Rouge can withstand nine formidable androids on her own. 

Main Characters:

Main characters
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1. Rouge Redstar:

Rouge is the lead and titular character of the Metallic Rouge anime. Even though she looks like a teenage girl, she is actually a 10-year-old android girl.

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Moreover, she is also very kind-hearted but is not good at interacting with others. While fighting against other androids, Rouge is transformed into a red-colored combat form and becomes invincible.

2. Naomi Orthmann:

Naomi is a tall, dark-skinned girl who is assigned to be the partner of Rouge in the Mars mission. She is a special investigator under the “Ministry of Truth,” a government agency whose work is to oversee androids.

Being a highly ranked investigator, she is exceptionally good at making great plans and strategies to complete her missions.

3. Jean Yunghart:

Jean is the son of Dr. Roy Junghardt, who created all the androids. He currently holds the position of Deputy Chief at the “Ministry of Truth” and has the right to assign missions to their androids.

Jean has countless enemies; some are within his own organization, while others are outside the organization. Moreover, he is the one who assigned a mission to Rogue to kill the Immortal Nine.

4. Jaron Fate:

Jaron is one of the members of the Immortal Nine, whose main goal is to overthrow human society. He is a pleasure-seeker who loves to enjoy others in pain and can do anything to reach his goals.

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Moreover, Jaron possesses exceptional mimic abilities whose full extent is yet to be revealed. While fighting against opponents, he transforms into a yellow gladiator who looks incredibly powerful. 

Where To Watch Metallic Rouge Anime?

Where to watch
Source: Metallic Rouge Anime

You can watch Metallic Rouge anime on several popular Japanese television networks and anime streaming platforms from January 10, 2024 onwards.

Here are the Japanese TV networks where you can watch the Metallic Rouge anime:

  • Fuji TV (on January 10)
  • TV West Japan (on January 10)
  • Kansai TV (on January 11)
  • Tokai TV (on January 13)
  • Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting (on January 14)
  • AT-X (on January 14)
  • BS Fuji (on January 17)

Here are the anime streaming platforms to watch this upcoming mecha anime:

  • Crunchyroll (on January 10)
  • Hulu (on January 16)
  • Amazon Prime Video (on January 16)

On the other hand, Crunchyroll will also stream the English-subbed and English-dubbed versions of Metallic Rouge Anime on January 10, 2024.

That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this anime wiki to be useful and know everything about Metallic Rouge Anime. Stay tuned for more anime wiki and upcoming anime releases.

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