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10 Sexy Anime Girls Who Graced Your Screens in 2024

Sexy Anime girls

You have already met popular sexy anime boys from 2024 in our previous post. Now, it’s time to meet the most sexy anime girls from 2024 who beautifully graced your screens. There are plenty of attractive anime girls from different newly released anime that debuted in 2023. Some of them not only surpassed the beauty level of this year’s anime girl but also had the potential to come under your waifu list.

As a result, we made this special list just for you by including every possible sexy anime girl in it. No matter what your taste is—red hair, curvy figure, blue eyes, or cute facial features—you will find everyone on this list. So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this beautiful list and find someone worthy to grace your screens.

Note: In this list, we did not add female characters from any sequel season whom we already knew. Each of them is a unique character whom we all met for the first time in 2024. 

10 Most Sexy Anime Girls in 2024 (Ranked)

10. Mahiru Shiina 

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten anime

Anime Name: The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

Mahiru Shiina is the cutest girl who lives next door to Amane Fujimiya, the main character of the series. Aside from her cute facial features, she also had large eyes and beautiful blonde hair.

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Mahiru does not just have cute looks; instead, she is also quite good at academics and sports. She is one of the ideal girlfriends that every one of her boy classmates dreams of having, but she never feels superior to anyone.

9. Ouka Makuzawa

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Goddess Terrace Maid anime

Anime Name: Goddess Cafe Terrace

Let’s move forward to another sexy anime girls, Ouka Makuzawa, who plays a major role in Goddess Cafe Terrace. She had wonderful long pink hair that she styled in two braids and tied with ribbons.

While wearing casual outfits, she looks hotter than her fellow cafe girls just because of her curvaceous figure. Moreover, she is very rude to others but seems to be a kind person, which makes her personality a Tsundere type.

8. Yamada Anna

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Dangers in my Heart anime

Anime Name: Dangers in My Heart

Yamada Anna is the most popular girl in her school, and everyone wants to ask her out. However, she always tries to avoid meeting boys and can’t even take anything from the boy’s hand.

She is blessed with a tall height and an attractive busty figure, which makes her more beautiful. Aside from wearing school uniforms, she always wears fashionable outfits and is also chosen as a part-time model for fashion agencies.

7. Tomo Aizawa

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Tomo Chan is a Girl anime

Anime Name: Tomo Chan is a Girl

Tomo Aizawa is the best tomboy girl as well as one of the most sexy anime girls in 2024. She does not just have a tomboy look; she is very competitive and incredibly good at sports.

Moreover, she had short red hair and a highly attractive figure that grabbed everyone’s attention except her crush, Jun. Her personality is completely different when she is around Jun; instead, she acts quite aggressively with others.

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6. Maya-nee 

Sexy Anime girls
Source: My One Hit Kill Sister Anime

Anime Name: My One Hit KiII Sister

Maya is the strongest adventurer in the series and is highly skilled at using all weapons. She had beautiful, long red hair that she styled in a beautiful ponytail.

Moreover, her sexiest figure and highly revealing outfits elevate her hotness to the next level. Throughout the series, she engages in several ecchi scenarios with her younger brother that grab everyone’s attention.

5. Shiori Goshiki

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Galaxy Next Door anime

Anime Name: A Galaxy Next Door

Shiori Goshiki is the most beautiful anime girl of 2024, with a perfect feminine look. She comes from Planet Star to Earth just to find someone precious to her. Her waist-length blonde hair and light blue eyes make her look so elegant and classy.

She not only had an elegant look; she also had an elegant personality and always talked nicely with others.

4. Ai Hoshino: One of the Most Popular Sexy Anime Girls

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Oshi No Ko anime

Anime Name: Oshi No Ko

Ai Hoshino is one of the sexy anime girls and the lead character in a very popular idol anime as well. She had stylish, long blue-purplish hair that she styled in a very attractive way.

Her idol-like facial features and beautiful combination of purple and pink in her eyes make her look quite cute. Being an idol, she always brought charm to her performances through her singing, dancing, and acting skills. 

3. Yuzuriha: One of the Most Sexy Anime Girls

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Hell’s Paradise anime

Anime Name: Hell Paradise

Yuzuriha is just a supporting character in Hell’s Paradise, as well as one of the most sexy anime girls. However, her curvaceous figure and beautiful long purple hair bring her an enormous fan-following, similar to the main character’s fanbase.

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Moreover, she usually wears sleeveless outfits that reveal most of her body parts, which makes her hotter. Being a ninja, she possesses a wide range of fighting skills and is also good at using ninja weapons, especially kunai.

2. Mitsuri Kanroji

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Demon Slayer anime

Anime Name: Demon Slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji is the “Love Hashira” in Demon Slayer, who makes her debut in its newly released season 3. She had long, multicolored hair that she styled in a very unique way, consisting of thick braids and bangs.

Her sexiest, curvaceous figure and beautiful look make her the most beautiful and sexy anime girls in the series. Being a Hashira, she possessed exceptional swordsman skills, which she excellently used along with her love breathing technique.  

1. Akane Hououji

Sexy Anime girls
Source: Godess Terrace Maid anime

Anime Name: Goddess Cafe Terrace

Akane Hououji is one of the best sexy anime girls of 2024, whether in terms of facial features, body figures, or personality. She had short brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, which gave her a beautiful look.

While her bold looks and attractive curvaceous figure make her more sexy, no matter what she wears, such as a maid outfit or a casual outfit, she always looks very sexy, which no one can take their eyes off of.


That’s it for the post! We hope you find this beautiful list of 10 sexy anime girls in 2024 useful and find someone to suit your taste. Some of them had beautiful looks consisting of colorful hair and eyes, while others had attractive, curvy figures.

As a result, they succeeded in grabbing maximum attention from fans in 2024 and become trending among them. Stay tuned with us for more amazing character lists and anime recommendations.

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