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My Hero Academia Manga is ending soon

Boku No My Hero Academia Manga is Ending Soon
Boku no My Hero Academia Manga is ending soon

Yes, you read it right, Our favorite My Hero Academia Manga is ending soon. At the Jump Festa 2021 event, the original creator of the My Hero Academia Manga series Kohei Horikoshi added a comment on the manga series and said that the story might be reaching its conclusion soon.

We have all his words from the panel translated here. These are taken from a translator on Twitter User who translated the words from Kohei Sensei. You can check all his comments on the upcoming movie, Season 5 that is releasing this March, and other events.

Thank you for supporting Boku No Hero Academia for so many years! Next year, Season 5, another movie, an Exhibition, and various other things are currently being planned for the series!

I’ll do my best to power up the manga too! I think perhaps the story will be heading towards its conclusion soon, but I’ll make sure you can enjoy it until then!

Even during times when it’s hard, painful, and bleak, by moving forward and holding on one step at a time, you can stand back up, and I plan to convey that through drawing.

I saw the schedule for tomorrow’s Super Stage event, and Suwabe-san is completely booked. Hang in there, Suwabe-san! Anyway, that’s all from me!! PLUS ULTRA—!!

Kōhei Horikoshi
(Writer of My Hero Academia manga)

My Hero Academia manga has released 295 manga chapters now looking at the story the ongoing arc will be the last fighting arc and then the story will conclude as Kohei sensei instructed.

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My Hero Academia manga started serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump back in 2014 and till now the world-famous superhero action series has been collected into 28 volumes.

4 anime seasons and 2 movies have also been for the manga series and a 5th Season and a Third movie is scheduled to be released next year. Also, Several spinoff manga series’ and light novels are published.

Well ending a shonen manga early is like a trend now so that things don’t become repetitive. For example, we can take Demon Slayer, Promised Neverland. Well, it is sure that My Hero Academia manga will be missed after completing its run.

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