Naruto Watch Order with Good Naruto Fillers

Naruto is a very good anime and it is a favorite anime of many of us including me. It has a lot of filler episodes that might feel boring and uninteresting sometimes but some good naruto filler can not be left unwatched. So, we are going to discuss a naruto watch order without leaving any good naruto filler.

Naruto Watch Order

Without any doubt, Naruto is one of the best anime series ever created but it has its own flaws. it has a flaw which is the filler arcs. These filler arcs contain 85 episodes and some of them are very bad.

Filler arcs take 44% of the series and if you watch from Ep.1 to Ep.220 you will get fed up soon. So, what is the best Naruto watch order? Don’t worry I am going to tell you. We have made our very own naruto watch guide. But first things first if you don’t know what is filler episodes then visit here:

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What is Anime Filler episode, Canon Anime episode?

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Naruto Watch Order:

This naruto watch guide will help you to see naruto in the best way possible and without skipping any good naruto filler. Follow this naruto watch guide from here:

Watch Episode 1 to 25

Skip Episode 26

Watch Episode 27-96

Skip Episode 97

Watch Episode 98-100 + Episode 101 (Filler)

Skip Episode 102-106

Watch Episode 107-135 + Episode 136-141 (Filler Arc)

Skip Episode 142-184

Watch Episode 185-186

Skip Episode 187-191

Watch Episode 192

Skip Episode 193-215

Watch Episode 216-220 (216-219 Fillers)

This is the perfect watch order without leaving any details and some actually fun fillers. So, you will have to watch 142 episodes according to this list. You can still leave 78 episodes that don’t have to do anything with the original storyline.

Good Naruto Fillers:

Episode 101

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Episode 136-141

Episode 216-219

You can watch naruto on Crunchyroll or on Netflix.

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