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Netflix teases The One Piece Anime remake produced by Wit Studio

In a recent announcement made at the Jump Festa 2024 stage event, it was announced that One Piece Anime will be remade by WIT STUDIO and will be exclusively available to watch on Netflix. The One Piece anime remake was teased with a video announcement that glorified the legendary journey of Monkey D. Luffy which started 25 years ago and is now a global phenomenon.

Netflix teases One Piece Anime remake produced by Wit Studio

Netflix has been heavy on One Piece as earlier this year we saw the One Piece Live Action series which was well received among the Eichiro Oda-created series fans. It looked like One Piece Live Action broke the curse of anime to live-action adaptations being bad. As we are reaching the end of the story in One Piece manga, fans are getting treated with one thing after another and this one came as a surprise. Seems like Christmas came a little early for One Piece fans.

One Piece Anime will start from the East Blue arc which is the very start of the One Piece manga series and consist of a total of 100 chapters. However, there are no other details available like The One Piece Anime release date, its staff, and others at the moment but it is just a matter of time before we receive those too.

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A poster was also released with Luffy on it as he looks forward to his new journey which is being held at one of the very best animation studios in Japan, Wit Studio which has worked on Attack on Titan, Spy x Family, and many other fan favourite series. You can check out the official poster below.

Netflix teases One Piece Anime remake produced by Wit Studio

The One Piece Anime remake release date

The release date for The One Piece Anime remake is not yet decided but it will be revealed soon. We will update the article as soon as we receive any new updates regarding this.

The One Piece Anime remake release dateNot announced yet.

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