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Digimon Ghost Game Anime Reveals Release Date & Visual, New Movie Announced

Digimon needs no introduction, with that said a new Digimon anime named Digimon Ghost Game is slated to release this Fall. With the Digimon Adventure Reboot nearing its end of 66 episode run, the franchise is ready to offer a brand new addition to the franchises.

Not just that, a brand new Digimon movie, Digimon Movie 02 has also been announced along with a visual.

Digimon Ghost Game Anime Release Date:

Digimon Ghost Game anime will be released in October 2021. It will air on Fuji TV in Japan.

Digimon Ghost Game Anime Visual:

A visual for the brand new Digimon anime, Digimon Ghost Game has been revealed.

Digimon Ghost Game Anime Release Date, Studio
Digimon Ghost Game Anime Visual

In the visual, we can see three characters at the center of the visual with the shadows of three Digimons in the background. The visual also states about the new Digimon anime premiering in October 2021. And at the bottom, the official website for Digimon Ghost Game is mentioned.

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Official Website: toei-anime

Digimon Ghost Game Studio:

Digimon Ghost Game will be animated by Toei Animation. The official website clearly mentions and confirms the fact that the new Digimon anime will be animated by none other than Toei Animation. The studio has animated all the anime series and movies of the Digimon franchise.

Digimon Ghost Game Character Designs:

Three character designs of the Digimon appearing in the visual as shadows have been revealed.


The name of the Digimons has also been revealed. They are Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon respectively.

Gammamon - Digimon Ghost Game Anime
Angoramon - Digimon Ghost Game Anime
Jellymon - Digimon Ghost Game Anime

From the visuals, we can see a white Digimon, which looks like a dinosaur, with red stripes and a scarf on its neck. Another one looks like a bear with bangs covering its eyes and belts tied to its shoulder and back of the head. The last one has a character design that of a jellyfish so it is probably a water-type Digimon.

The official names of the Digimon are not known as of yet, we will update the article as soon as we get the information about it.

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Digimon Ghost Game Staff & Cast:

As of now, the staff and cast members of Digimon Ghost Game anime have not been revealed yet. We will update the article as soon as an announcement is made.

Coming back to the new Digimon movie, it is said that the movie named Digimon 02, will be based on the not-so-popular 50 episodes long Digimon Adventure 02, which aired in Spring 2000.

Digimon 02 Movie Visual:

A visual has been revealed for Digimon 02 Movie.

Digimon 02 Movie Release Date
Digimon 02 Movie Visual

In the visual, we can see a boy is amazed at the sight of a Digimon and is trying to hold it in his hands. The visual is in blue and white color with a red accent only on the Digimon.

Digimon 02 Movie Release Date:

The release date of the Digimon 02 Movie is not announced yet.

No further information about the brand new Digimon movie is revealed except the visual. More details about the movie should be revealed soon and we will let you know as soon as some new info is revealed about the new Digimon movie.

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Digimon 02 Movie Staff & Cast:

The staff members of Digimon 02 Movie have been revealed.

Name of the staffStaff’s PositionFamous Work
Tomohisa TaguchiDirectorAkudama Drive
Akatsuki YamatoyaSeries CompositionSoul Eater

Digimon 02 Movie Teaser:

A teaser has been revealed for the Digimon 02 Movie.

The 40-second clip teases the plot of the Digimon movie while showcasing the reunion of Tomohisa Taguchi and Akatsuki Yamatoya who have previously collaborated on Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

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