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New KonoSuba Anime Project has been announced: Is it a movie or a series?

After an entertaining and critically acclaimed movie, fans were waiting for Konousba to get a sequel, be it an anime movie or a series. And their prayers have been heard, a brand new Konosuba anime project has been announced.

A brand new visual for the upcoming Konosuba anime project has been released.

New KonoSuba Anime Project has been announced movie series release

In the visual, we can see the main cast of Konosuba, Aqua, Megumi, Darkness, and Kazuma. 

If you notice carefully, there is a difference in character designs from the first two anime seasons.

The characters in the two seasons didn’t have detailed eyelashes while the eyelashes in the visuals are quite highlighted similar to the latest Konosuba movie. 

Konosuba New Anime Project Studio:

Taking into consideration the close resemblance between the character design of the new visual and the latest movie, it can be said that the new Konosuba anime project will most probably be animated by J.C.Staff.

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The studio has also animated the latest movie while the previous two seasons were done by Studio Deen.

We will update this article as soon as additional information is announced for the project.

Konosuba New Anime Project Plot:

Considering the previous two anime seasons adapting the four volumes of light novels and the movie adapting the entire fifth volume, it’s more likely that the new anime project will adapt from Konosuba Light Novel’s Volume 6 onwards. 

If the new Konosuba anime project is a movie it will adapt Volume 6 and if it’s a classic seasonal TV series, the Konosuba anime project will adapt two volumes .i.e. Volume 6 & Volume 7.

In total there are 17 Light Novel Volumes of Konosuba.

Konusba New Anime Project Cast & Staff:

Though the staff from the previous movie should reprise their roles, it can change depending on several factors.

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If the studio is J.C.Staff which it should be, the team should be the same but as the studio has numerous projects going on this year, some of the staff members might get replaced with new ones., while if the whole studio is changed, a brand new staff will animate the new project. 

We can only wait for the new announcements made for the project.

And as for the cast, they will definitely reprise their roles. Any new announcements about new characters have not been announced as of yet. 


Konosuba has been a blessing for the fans who love the craziness of the cast, making us laugh throughout the two anime seasons and the movie. With the upcoming new anime project, Konosuba fans are in for another treat, but this time it may be a brand new team and the studio that animated the movie. 

Whoever it is, we all know that Konosuba never fails to deliver, be it quirky storyline, eccentric characters, or gut-wrenching comedy. 

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We will update you if we receive more information related to the New KonoSuba anime project. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about your favorite anime and manga series.

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