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[Six Vegapunks] One Piece Chapter 1062 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Most of the fans knew that the girl that claimed to be Dr. Vegapunk was not the real one and in One Piece Chapter 1062 we have a clear explanation for that. Luffy and others are on Egg head island while Zoro and others are with Vegapunk 02. Read more about it below.

In the last chapter, we saw that the straw hat pirates were trying to save Bonney and tried to take her on their ship but something really unexpected happened as a big shark appeared just below Thousand Sunny [Just like ‘The Meg‘ poster]. They somehow escaped from that. It was later revealed that the shark was a robot.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga

That shark set the target on Thousand sunny and launched some attacks and in the meanwhile, Luffy and some members got separated from the crew. The robot shark was planning another attack but then a police-like robot appeared from the water and punched the shark. The straw hat pirates are on the Egg Head island which belongs to Vegapunk.

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The children of Punk Hazard, Tashigi, and members of Sword were seen in a marine base. Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney get separated from the crew. The robot that saved the crew appeared again and the owner of this robot is Dr. Vegapunk. The gates opened from that robot and a girl came out and said that she is Dr. Vegapunk.

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One Piece 1062 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1062 will be released on Viz Media and Mangaplus’ official website on Sunday 9th October 2022. Spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already released. You can read the raw scans and spoilers in the respective sections below.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Release Date9th October 2022
One Piece Chapter 1062 raw scans and spoilers release6th October 2022

One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1062 raw scans and leaks have been released. We got to know that there are six Vegapunks as the real one is too busy. We have now seen Vegapunk 02 and 06. Raw scans are below.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans and Leaks
The first scan for the chapter shows that Vegapunk 02 has huge respect for Zoro and Robin both. Zoro asks for something from Vegapunk 02. Usopp and Sanji are busy doing their usual things.
One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans and Leaks
Luffy, Jinbei, Chopper, and Bonney reached Egg head island which is often known as the realm of science. The place has changed too much according to Bonney.
One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans and Leaks
On the island, a Vegapunk passes through Luffy and he thinks that thing is a ghost. This is Vegapunk 06 Shaka who stands for Kindness and Justice.
One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans and Leaks
CP-0 is also after Vegapunk and they were planning an attack on him using the Seraphims from the lab.
One Piece Chapter 1062 Raw Scans and Leaks
The last panel shows Stussy, Lucci, and Kaku discussing their plan to take down Dr. Vegapunk while in the back we see Kuma’s Seraphim.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Adventure in the realm of Science’
  • The cover page shows Chocolate town covered in ice.
  • Bonney reveals that her father [Kuma] was turned into a weapon by Dr. Vegapunk.
  • Dr. Vegapunk is very busy and that is why there is a total of Six Vegapunks.
  • The CP-0 is going after Dr. Vegapunk to kill him and they have Kuma’s Seraphim with them.
  • Robin does not understand what is going on as Vegapunk’s age and career span do not match.
  • Vegapunk 02 explains that clearly, it is not the real body and then asks for their valuables.
  • Vegapunk 02 understands that Zoro is strong.
  • Zoro says that he has a request.
  • Usopp and Sanji both are lost in their worlds.
  • The six Vegapunks are – Shaka [Kindness & Justice], Lilith [Evil], Edison [Emotion & Thought], Pythgoras [Wisdom], Violance [Atlas], and York [Greed].
  • We see Vegapunk No. 6 six where Luffy and others are.
  • They thought that it is a ghost.
  • Jinbei asks what that little kid is and she replied that she is Dr. Vegapunk.
  • Luffy says he knows that name and he remembers it from the time Koby mentioned it.
  • CP-0 is also after Dr. Vegapunk and they are planning to finish Dr. Vegapunk.
  • They are going to use Seraphims from the lab for the attack.
  • Bonney then tells the incident from her past when her father Kuma was turned into a cyborg by Dr. Vegapunk.
  • Luffy says it’s so cool but Bonney says that he is no longer a human, he is just a weapon.
One Piece 1062 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1062?

There are two official methods to read One Piece manga and you should always use the official websites to read the manga as they directly support the artists and creators. We are mentioning the official sources in the below list which you can read for free.

  1. Viz Media website
  2. Manga Plus official website and app

These are all the details available for One Piece 1062 now. Read them while waiting for the official English release and make sure you use an official website or app for reading the latest One Piece chapter. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates about one piece manga and other manga and anime.

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