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[Luffy vs Lucci] One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans, Release Date

The CP-0 has infiltrated Egghead Island and now after encountering each other Luffy and Lucci can not stop themselves from fighting each other in One Piece Chapter 1069. Read more about it in the spoilers section.

In the last chapter, we saw that Caeser and Judge were fighting. Lucci asked Pythagoras about the incident when several Cipher Pol ships disappeared around Egghead Island. Pythagoras said that he does not know anything about those and asked CP-0 to leave the island. Lucci ordered CP-0 to abandon the ship.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers Leaks Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga

Then he ordered S-Bear who is Kuma’s Seraphim to warp them all on the island. After that Sea Beast Weapon destroyed the ship. The real Kuma also disappeared using his warp powers. Vegapunk said that his dream is to provide free energy to the whole world. His research revealed some truths and this is why World Government is behind him.

Luffy then agreed to help Vegapunk and called his head funny. Then they decided on a location and left. CP-0 was on the island and the defense system was against them. Shaka then released S-Snake. S-Hawk and S-Shark gave control to Sentomaru. CP-0 was exploring the island as Stussy is very familiar with the island. Atlas then got destroyed by Lucci and the chapter ended with Luffy and Lucci coming across.

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One Piece Chapter 1069 Release Date

One Piece 1069 will get released in the next Weekly Shonen Jump issue on Viz Media and Mangaplus’ official website on Sunday 11th December 2022. The spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming chapter have already been released and are mentioned below. You can check them in the respective sections below.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Release Date11th December 2022
One Piece Chapter 1069 raw scans and spoilers release7th November 2022

One Piece Chapter 1069 Raw Scans and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1069 raw scans and leaks have surfaced online and this chapter shows that there will be some serious fight this time between the Straw Hats and CP-0. Raw scans are added below.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Raw Scans Leaks
This raw scan shows the awakened form of Rob Lucci. This form is very similar to his hybrid form.
One Piece Chapter 1069 Raw Scans Leaks
This scan shows the fight between Luffy who is his Gear 5 and Lucci. Luffy is enjoying this fight.
One Piece Chapter 1069 Raw Scans Leaks
Seraphims of Mihwak and Hancock are shown above and they are controlled by Sentomaru.
One Piece Chapter 1069 Raw Scans Leaks
While Luffy and Sentomaru were talking, Lucci recovered and then landed a serious attack on Sentomaru.
One Piece Chapter 1069 Raw Scans Leaks
This scan shows visuals from Lucci vs Luffy fight. Lucci is clearly frustrated as shown in the picture above.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Everything exists for a reason
  • On the cover page, We see MADS research center which was financed by Du Feld.
  • The chapter begins with Lucci trying to attack Luffy.
  • Kaku and Stussy stop Lucci saying that fighting a Yonkou can lead to war.
  • Luffy then sees Atlas injured and attacks Lucci first.
  • In the Marine Headquarters, we see Akainu looking for Kizaru.
  • A marine reported that he already left for Egghead Island.
  • Now on Egghead Island, Luffy uses his Gear 5 while Lucci uses his awakened form.
  • This form of Lucci is very similar to his hybrid form.
  • Lucci’s black fur looks like black flames.
  • Sentomaru orders S-Bear to attack CP-0 while Jinbe and Chopper are running carrying Bonney.
  • They encounter a Seraphim in between.
  • Kaku and Stussy are fighting S-Bear.
  • Nami and her group are looking at the fight from the monitors.
  • Vegapunk appears and then asks Luffy’s group about the Gear 5.
  • Nami says that she is not 100% sure but this is the power of Gomu Gomu no Mi.
  • Vegapunk says that Luffy looks like the ancient god Nika.
  • Vegapunk says that everything on earth exists because of people’s wishes and this is the case for Akuma no Mi as well.
  • Akuma no Mi is a possibility of human evolution.
  • Since these wishes are unnatural, they are hated by Sea the mother of nature.
  • All the ability users are living in the future all thanks to those fruits.
  • Now we see Luffy and Lucci fight again.
  • Luffy is having fun and is seen laughing while dodging Lucci’s attacks.
  • Luffy uses a new attack called ‘Gomu Gomu no Mogura’.
  • This attack sends Lucci flying and he coughs blood.
  • Sentomaru was taken care of by Vegapunk when he was poor so he decides to fight against CP-0.
  • Sentomaru asks Luffy to take Vegapunk with him.
  • In the meanwhile, Lucci recovers and attacks Sentomaru with a handgun attack.
  • Sentomaru is seriously injured while Luffy is shocked and angry.
  • Chapter ends.
One Piece 1069 Spoilers Leaks Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1069?

There are two official methods to read One Piece manga and you should always use the official websites to read the manga as they directly support the artists and creators. We are mentioning the official sources in the below list which you can read for free.

  1. Viz Media website
  2. Manga Plus’s official website and app

These are all the details available for One Piece 1069 now. Read them while waiting for the official English release and make sure you use an official website or app for reading the latest One Piece chapter. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates about one piece manga and other manga and anime.

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