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[Traitor Vegapunk revealed] One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

The spy for the World Government among the six Vegapunks has been revealed in One Piece Chapter 1078. The future of Egghead Island is uncertain as the people are now evacuating and Kizaru is about to reach there. Read till the end for complete details.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Sentomaru alerted all the people on Egghead Island and told them to leave the island as soon as possible. Sentomaru told them that the same incident as Ohara can happen on the island. Shaka told Luffy that she has an idea where Stella might be. Luffy was frustrated as they were not getting anywhere in their fight against Seraphim.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga Leaks

Luffy was wondering how Seraphims were able to get up after every attack and then Zoro realized that they have abilities like King. Shaka then told them that Lunarian blood was used to make them powerful and then left to look for Stella. Zoro knows about Lunarian’s weaknesses and told them to attack them when the black flames go out. Then the battle started again.

On the other side, Edison had been destroyed by S-Shark and then Nami used Zeus to attack it but S-Shark was unaffected by the attack. Sanji entered the battle and kicked S-Shark and will be fighting it. Usopp’s group was carrying Pythagoras’ head and Lilith sued a bubble gun to weaken S-Snake as the bubbles contain sea energy. Franky then used a bubble to pin S-Snake into the ground but S-Snake started crying and Franky freaked out and apologized to her.

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S-Snake took advantage of the moment and turned him into a stone. Then she used ‘Mero Mero Merrow’ and turned Usopp and Lilith into stone. Now, we see Shaka who was looking for Stella and found the secret prison and saw Stella and Cipher Pol agents there. Stella asked if he brought someone with him and a mysterious person walked down the stairs. That person then shot Shaka in the head and his head exploded.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Release Date

One Piece 1078 will get released in the next Weekly Shonen Jump issue on Viz Media and Mangaplus’ official website on Sunday 19th March 2023. The raw scans and spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already out and are mentioned below. You can check them in the respective sections below.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Release Date19th March 2023
One Piece Chapter 1078 raw scans and spoilers release15th March 2023

One Piece Chapter 1078 Raw Scans and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1078 raw scans and leaks have been released and they show the mysterious person who shot Shaka in the head and was providing all the information to the world government all this time.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Raw Scans
The people are running and evacuating egghead island.
One Piece Chapter 1078 Raw Scans
Luffy, Zoro, Lucci, and Kaku are still struggling against the Seraphims even after they got to know their weaknesses.
One Piece Chapter 1078 Raw Scans
Sanji takes a punch from S-Shark and he looks unaffected and says that this is the power of love.
One Piece Chapter 1078 Raw Scans
Saturn, Kizaru, and the Navy are planning a war-like attack on Egghead island.
One Piece Chapter 1078 Raw Scans
The last page shows York who is a traitor and looks creepy with his smile.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Escape time limit’
  • The chapter starts with Stussy talking to Sentomaru using her Den Den Mushi.
  • She informs that Kizaru is coming to the island.
  • The plan is to have marines as backup as the world government is precautions for two reasons.
  • The first one being the content of Vega punk’s discoveries is precious and beyond Ohara.
  • And the second one is that Egghead island has a defense force.
  • People are seen evacuating Egghead island.
  • Franky is partly paralyzed due to the certification of his body but he can still talk.
  • Pythagoras asks S-Snake who gave her the order but she stomps on him and causes a huge explosion.
  • Robin analyzes the situation and says while everyone is busy something might happen to Stella.
  • Atlas says there is an old lab that was closed a long time ago.
  • Robin asks Atlas to take Chopper and her to the lab.
  • Nami is holding Edison in her arms and Brook goes to look for Vegapunk.
  • Sanji and S-Shark are still fighting.
  • Sanji lets S-Shark punch him but Sanji takes zero damage from that attack.
  • Sanji then calls this power of love.
  • Seraphim’s flames are not going out and Luffy and others are still in trouble.
  • Then suddenly S-Hawk leaves the battle and Zoro says that he went to attack weaker members so that strong ones lose their concentration.
  • Zoro and Kaku then follow S-Hawk while Luffy and Lucci fight S-Bear.
  • A new flashback starts (from 3 months ago) Mary Geoise received a message from Egghead island.
  • A mysterious person informed me that Vegapunk is researching the Void Century.
  • The world government sent some Cipher pol agents to investigate but they disappeared.
  • The mysterious person called again and wanted to talk to Gorousei directly.
  • Gorousei was convinced that Vegapunk betrayed them after the call and sent CP-0 agents to finish him.
  • One Gorousei member also went along with Kizaru in case Vegapunk retaliate.
  • The forces being sent to Egghead are on a scale of war.
  • The narrator says that the conclusion of this ‘Eggehad incident’ will shock the whole world.
  • We then find out who is the traitor, and she is York.
  • York appears in front of Stella and tells her that she is going to be a Tenryuubito.
  • Stella asks her why she wants to be like them.
  • York says that all these Vegapunks are nuisances and the world only needs one Vegapunk.
  • Chapter ends.
One Piece 1078 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga Leaks

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1078?

There are two official methods to read One Piece online and you should always use the official websites to read the manga as they directly support the artists and creators. We are mentioning the official sources in the below list which you can read for free.

  1. Viz Media website
  2. Manga Plus’s official website and app

These are all the details available for One Piece 1078 now. Read them while waiting for the official English release and make sure you use an official website or app for reading the latest One Piece chapter.

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