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Read One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

One Piece Chapter 993
One Piece Chapter 993

Hello Guys! We are going to discuss available details about the One piece chapter 993 and try to break down potential spoilers and theories on the basis of past chapters. If you are sensitive to spoilers we recommend you exit this page and wait for the official release of chapter 993.

One piece is one of the most famous manga series which is going to achieve the majestic milestone of 1000 Chapters and it will sure be remembered for a very long time in Japanese manga history. Despite manga being famous all over the globe, anime adaptation is also over the top and is loved by everyone, from kids to adults.

One-piece manga is written by Eiichiro Oda and is in serialization for over more than 20 years. The manga has released 992 Chapters till now and has bundled into 97 Volumes. The anime of the same name as the manga series has also released 946 Episodes till now.

One Piece 992 Recap

Chapter 992 starts with Big Mom meeting her son, Perospero, and former commander Marco. She tells his son that she has partnered up with Kaido. Perospero says that all her kids want her to be The Pirate King. Big mom replies with an affirmation and says that she understand how they feel.

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In the meanwhile, Carrot starts attacking Perospero seeking revenge for Pedro. Kaido, who doesn’t even have a scratch till now gets a bruise and it is further revealed that The Nine Red Scabbards can harm him. Kaido gets injured by the attacks from Nekomamushi and Kawamatsu. Kaido and his allies are shocked that they can hurt him by their attacks.

One Piece Manga 993
One Piece Manga 993

Then more members from The Nine Red Scabbards start attacking and injures Kaido. These all attacks make Kaido angry and he uses his Bolo Breathe but Raizo reflects the attack by using his ability to absorb. Now, Kinemon, Denjiro, Ashura, and Inuarashi attack and uses The Oden Two Sword Style to cut Kaido.

One Piece 992 mostly covered the fight between Kaido and The Nine Red Scabbards. The fight will continue in One Piece 993 so stay tuned until the chapter releases and you can also check out all possible One PIece Chapter 993 Spoilers below.

One Piece Chapter 993 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 993 is released on Every Sunday in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine along with other popular titles like Black Clover 269, My Hero Academia 289 and Dr. Stone 171. One Piece Chapter 993 will be released on October 25th, 2020 while raw scans will be available 1-2 days prior to the official release.

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One Piece Chapter 993 Release DateOctober 25th, 2020
One Piece Chapter 993 Raw ScansOctober 23, 2020

One Piece Chapter 993 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 993 Raw Scans are not out yet but as per normal trend the raw scans usually get out 1-2 days before the official release date. So, we can expect the One Piece Chapter 993 Raw Scans by October 23, 2020. So, the exact One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers will be out by then. We are sharing the most probable spoilers below you can check them below.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 993?

One Piece 993 can be read on Viz Media’s Offical Website that provides English translations of many famous mangas like Dr. Stone 171My Hero Academia 289, Black Clover 269, and Boruto 52. You can also read One piece 993 on Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus app and website for free.

We suggest that you use only the official and legal sources to read the latest One Piece 993. Please be considerate towards the artists who work very hard for us and provide us entertaining content tirelessly.

One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers

The previous One piece manga chapter mostly covered Big Mama meeting her son and Kaido and the Nine Red Scabbards. The next chapter is going to release very soon and fans are very excited about the upcoming One Piece 993. We will be covering the most possible outcomes and spoilers that are likely to happen in Chapter 993. ( Warning: Spoilers Ahead )

One Piece 993
One Piece 993

Most Possible Spoilers

  • Kaido vs the Nine Red Scabbards Continues – The ongoing fight between Kaido and the nine red scabbards will continue and in this chapter, we will see more attacks from Kaido as he was holding back in chapter 992 thinking that scabbards can not hurt him and that’s why he and his crewmates were shocked when he got injured.
  • Luffy might get involve in Kaido vs Nine Red Scabbards – We all thought that Luffy can defeat Kaido in a battle but Kiado crushed Luffy. Luffy is still likely to get involved in the fight and defeat Kaido with the help of scabbards.
  • The motive of Whitebeard Pirates – Whitebeard Pirates’ motive is still unknown. Are they good or are they bad? is still a question of discussion. Which side they will join is going to decide the future of the series.
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These are the most possible spoilers based on the analysis and fandom. We will update this as soon as we receive any other details about the spoilers .You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers and more.

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