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One Piece Chapter 999 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

One Piece Chapter 999 will be revealing the real purpose behind Ace’s trip to Onigashima. It will also reveal his relationship with Yamato. Well, these details are based on the leaked spoilers from the Korean leakers everything will be clear once the official chapter gets released.

In the last Chapter, Kaido was taking the island of Onigashima to the Captial of Flowers. While on the island Marco was trying to stop the spread of the virus and various other fights were breaking out in Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 999 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
One Piece Chapter 999

One piece manga is soon reaching the 1000 Chapter milestone and the 1000th chapter will be released on 3rd January 2021. So, we will have to wait one more week for One Piece Chapter 1000 but raw scans will be out soon.

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One Piece Chapter 999 release Date

One Piece Chapter 999 will be releasing this week on Sunday with other Shonen Jump titles like Black Clover Chapter 276, My Hero Academia Chapter 295, and others. Raw scans for One Piece 999 are just about to release so keep patience and we will give them to you.

One Piece Chapter 999 release Date20th December 2020
One Piece Chapter 999 raw17th December 2020

One Piece Chapter 999 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 999 Raw Scans are not out yet but the spoilers are already leaked by Korean leakers. You can read these spoilers in the ‘One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers’ section below.

For the raw scans, we will upload them here as soon as we get our hands on some of them. So please don’t worry and keep checking this article.

One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers

One Piece 999 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
One Piece 999
  • One Piece 999 TITLE: ‘The waiting liquor I made for you
  • Yamato Vs. Ace – Yamato, and Ace will be facing off each other in One Piece 999. (Happened in Past)
  • When Ace was in Onigashima, Kaido was on an expedition.
  • Ace has come to Onigashima to rescue the kidnapped children from the mainland.
  • Ace says that you can’t choose your parents, to this Yamato replies saying that she wanted to go out to see the deep blue sea and live freely like Oden adventure.
  • After the fight finished, they get close to each other, drink together, and talk about the young pirates of the sea, including Luffy.
  • Now story returns to the present where Marco is trying to fly to the roof with Zoro.
  • Tama got to know that Luffy is Ace’s brother.
  • Yamato mentioned that Luffy has a ‘D’ included in his name.
  • Big Mom tells Kaido to keep Nico Robin alive.
  • Kaidou fruit is “Uo Uo no Mi (Fish Fish Fruit), Mythical type”
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Where to read One Piece Chapter 999?

You could either read it on Viz Media’s official website or you could read it on the official Manga Plus website and app. You can read the latest chapter for free there but for the complete manga, you would have to buy a membership plan.

These are the possible details we could decode so far from the One Piece Chapter 999 Raw Scans. You will have to wait for the official release to get the exact idea of what will happen next.

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