One Piece Manga goes on One-month Hiatus

One Piece manga is on a month-long break but it is all for good as One Piece Author Eichiro Oda is undergoing an eye operation and will be taking a rest during this period. He said in an official statement that his eye is giving him problems for a long time and it is now hindering his work. So he decided to undergo the surgery so that he can work on his creation without any worry.

It will also be a good time to get away from the hectic lifestyle of Mangakas as they do not get much time to rest because of the strict timelines and work pressure. Eichiro Oda has been suffering from Astigmatism which causes the person to have a blurry version and also affects the near version.

One Piece Manga goes on One-month Hiatus

He said that he has had this problem for more than a year and now he has finally decided to take a four-week break so that he can get the right treatment and heal. He promised the fans to return to work as soon as possible. He also jokingly said that after this eye surgery, he will be able to shoot beams out of his eyes.

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The story of One Piece manga is in a crucial stage as we already know that the final arc of the story has only started and with every passing chapter it gets more interesting than ever. There are so many things and there are so many open ends that need to be closed and this might be a good time for him to go through the story in his mind and make it more interesting for the readers.

Oda has had this problem for quite a time and stated in a statement that he was saying things like that there are too many twins these days and turned out he was having some eye problems. Fans all over the world showed concern about his condition but he told his fans not to worry about it as this is not a very serious problem. He appealed to his and One Piece fans to patiently wait for a month and he said that he will return to draw as soon as he feels good and recovered.

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From the story’s point of view, the information about the five elders who control the world government has been revealed as also their respective powers and the fields they operate in. There is also the formation of alliances all over the world as the race towards the One Piece is getting heated. According to some prominent figures from the One Piece world, we have seen nothing, and the real battle will start as soon as the Holy Knights get involved in this battle.

The leader of the Holy Knights who is from the Figarland family has also been revealed. He also looks like an elder and his name is Garling Figarland. Luffy and others are with Dr. Vegapunk and it looks so shattered but the real thing will start soon as they all will gather somewhere at some point and that point will be the start of the conclusion of the great saga that has been running for the past 25 years and has countless fans.

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The latest addition to the manga, One Piece Chapter 1087 will be released on 18th July 2023 by Viz Media worldwide and the Japanese release will be earlier in the same week. One Piece manga has reached the point where everything is unpredictable and things will get more like this because it’s a pirate world and you never know who is really on whose side.

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