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One Punch Man: Saitama’s Powers That You Didn’t Know About

One Punch Man: Saitama's Powers That You Didn't Know About

One Punch Man may not be the classic anime that the world has grown up watching. But it certainly is one of the coolest anime series out there. While many shows tend to make their protagonists flawed and layered, OPM has stayed away from all the stereotypical tropes. In fact, Yusuke Murata straight up created a character that is as strong as one could imagine. And thus, the story of the strongest superhero in the world commenced. 

Surprisingly, the anime went on to become one of the most successful shows and is one the most-watched anime on Netflix of all time purely on the basis of its action value. As for the main lead Saitama, he pretty much has every power that one can name. In that case, we are here to tell you about those powers that you possibly did not know about. Besides, Saitama has some strange abilities, to begin with. Thus, without any further ado, here is a list of all of Saitama’s Powers That You Didn’t Know About.


One of the most underrated powers of Saitama is the ability to cause paralysis with his moves. Viewers have often seen villains paralyzed over a head wound or a brain injury. But Saitama’s power does not work that way. The One Punch Man hero can literally freeze his opponents with a single look. While the hero is quite the opposite of intimidating, he certainly possesses the power to scare his opponents with a mere glance. Genos was the villain who first experienced the horror of this look. The power was known to the fans only when Genos froze for minutes after making eye contact with Saitama.

Saitama's Powers That You Didn't Know About

Flight Powers

Flight is considered to be one of the only weaknesses of Saitama. While many fans have grown up believing otherwise, Saitama does not actually possess the power to levitate in the air. This is because the hero has such blinding leaping powers that it gives the appearance of flying. Moreover, Saitama also absorbs attacks to convert the energy into a rebounding force. Thus, flying looks like an easy effect for the hero. Many fans remember the incident when Boro threw the man to space, and he returned with a shocking flight.

“Serious” Moves

As boring as Saitama looks, he actually does not believe in romanticizing his powers and strengths. This is clearly evident from the fact the Saitama chooses not to name any of his moves. Well, the least he tried was naming his moves “serious” when they were actually high-powered. So, the bald hero’s serious moves are something that fans die to watch. One such move is the Serious Table Flip. The move not only kills the villain but also leaves no remains of the opponent in a single piece.

Endless Strength

While fans know that Saitama has never gone weary during a battle, it is also a fact that he physically cannot feel so. That is right! The One Punch Man hero actually does not possess the physical ability to feel exhaustion. This power extends to a level that Saitama does not even sweat or lose his breath while performing heavy tasks like running and weight lifting. It will certainly be an anime moment if fans get to see Saitama take a break to catch his breath or get a glass of water.

Super Speed

The power of Speed is just a subset of Saitama’s super strength. The fact that the hero cannot feel exhaustion enables him to stretch his powers to a whole new level. This Super Speed also helps him with his attacks. Saitama can place a punch so fast that it is almost impossible to trace his movements. Moreover, the Serious Side Hops move is one of the most amazing attacks that Saitama has played. He can literally teleport from one side to another without getting noticed with the human eye. Drifting Powers

Drifting Powers

Saitama's Powers That You Didn't Know About

Drifting or Teleportation is another subset of super-speed powers. While for shorter distances, the speed can give the effect of teleportation, this may not work for the longer routes, especially inter-dimensional travels. But Saitama has a solution for this as well. The One Punch Man hero can travel within and through spatial and spiritual dimensions. As of now, the show has not yet explained the logic and science behind this power. However, it certainly is one of the coolest powers that Saitama has unlocked since the beginning.

With this, we have come to the conclusion of this list of all of Saitama’s Powers That You Didn’t Know About. Which of these powers shocked you the most? Moreover, which unique power did you already know? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. Lastly, for more such exciting listicles on One Punch Man, keep visiting The Anime Daily.

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