Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch Online, Preview

Ruby has got a taste of how the entertainment world works and in Oshi no Ko Episode 5 she will try to change things as she thinks that she is lagging behind after she got to know that everyone at their new school is involved in something.

In the previous episode, we saw how Aqua improvised the scenes and even improved the acting of other characters, and gave Kana the chance she deserved. The final episode of the series turned out to be good and made it a little bit more famous among the fans. The series creator was also happy to see this end and said thanks to Kana and Aqua at a party.

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online English Subtitles Eng Sub Crunchyroll Netflix EP5

It was also revealed that the man Aqua suspected to be his father was not related to him in any way. Ruby and Aqua started their school and they got to know that everyone in that school was involved in show biz at some level. Ruby was worried about this that she will be the only one who does not have work and asked Miyoko to form an idol group.

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 “Romance Reality Show” will get released at 11:00 PM JST on the 10th of May 2023. Fans very well received the series’ first few episodes so far and are now eagerly waiting for Oshi no Ko Episode 5 to release. Check out the release date and release time below.

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Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date10th May 2023
Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Time4 PM GMT
10 AM CT

Where to Watch Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Online?

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 will be available to watch through various streaming services and channels. Check out the list below to find your suitable streaming service as they serve in selected areas but we have also covered those.

Serving AreaStreaming Service
EuropeAkiba Pass TV
South and Southeast AsiaAni-One
FranceAnimation Digital Network
South KoreaAniplus TV

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Preview

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 preview was released on Youtube through the official channel for the Oshi no Ko anime. The preview shows Kana and Ruby having a talk and some other new characters, check it out below.


Oshi no Ko Episode 4 Recap

In the last episode, we saw that Aqua was thinking about what the producer said about Kana and decided that he will give her a chance to show her acting skills as she was holding back all this time as the other actors were amateurs and she did not want them to look bad. Aqua then said some hard words to the male lead and this made him furious and made his acting more natural Aqua played his villain role quite seriously and the episode ended up being well-received by the series’ fans.

It was well received by the original creator of the series and the acting brought tears to her eyes as she was moved by the performances. Kana talked about how her career saw a turn when she grew up. Aqua put everything in his act and got punched deliberately so that the scene look more genuine.

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online English Subtitles Eng Sub Crunchyroll Netflix EP5

The creator then thanked both Aqua and Kana for their work with her series. Aqua got the DNA samples of the man he was suspicious but turned out that he was not his father. The man was also at the party and he told them he looked similar to Ai. The man also told Aqua that she worked with Ai and told him about a guy she was meeting.

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Then Aqua asked him about the guy but he asked Aqua to take part in a reality dating show and he will tell him the name. The school for Aqua and Ruby has officially started and Kana welcomed them to their new school. Ruby was quite overwhelmed by all the people and then met Minami who is her classmate. Ruby then introduced her to Aqua and asked her to become his friend too.

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online English Subtitles Eng Sub Crunchyroll Netflix EP5

Then we saw the entry of Frill Shiranui in the series and she already gives the main character vibes. She is quite famous and works in a famous TV Drama. Aqua then talked to Frill and she recognized him from the show he was in with Kana. She also knows Minami. Ruby felt like she was being left behind and asked Miyoko to make her an idol fast. Then Aqua suggested Kana if they were going to form an idol group.

Oshi no Ko Story

The story follows Aquamarine “Aqua” Hoshino and his twin sister Ruby Hoshino. Their mother, a popular Japanese idol named Ai Hoshino, was murdered on the night of their birth, along with their gynecologist, Gorou Amemiya. However, Amemiya is reincarnated as Aqua and retains his memories of his previous life, while Ruby refuses to acknowledge her past connection to Amemiya.

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As they grow up, Aqua becomes determined to seek revenge for their mother’s death. He believes that their father, who was absent from their lives, is responsible for their mother’s murder. Aqua enters the entertainment industry as an actor and begins collecting DNA samples from various people to test against his own, hoping to identify his father. Along the way, he meets his half-brother, Uehara Taiki, who tells him about his own tragic past.

Meanwhile, Ruby pursues a career as an idol, forming a group with two other girls, Kana Arima, and Mem-Cho. The group becomes popular, and Ruby’s solo career also takes off. However, as she delves deeper into the entertainment industry, she begins to uncover secrets about their past that put her and Aqua in danger.

Their search for the truth leads them to a shocking discovery about their father, which threatens to tear their relationship apart. Aqua becomes consumed by his desire for revenge, while Ruby struggles with the consequences of her actions. Along the way, they face challenges and obstacles, both personal and professional, that test their resolve.

The story talks about different themes of ambition, identity, and the harsh realities of the Japanese Idol entertainment industry. It also focuses on the complex relationships between siblings, parents, and the ways in which a tragic event from the past can shape the present.

These are all the details available for Oshi no Ko Episode 5 at the moment. We will update this article as soon as we receive any new info about the upcoming Oshi no Ko Episode 5. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about your favorite anime and manga series.

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