Panda’s New Gorilla Form and Ultimate Mechamaru’s Real Identity in Jujutsu Kaisen Anime

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16 just aired a few hours ago and it left many questions unanswered and it also revealed many things about Mechamaru ( 2nd Year Kyoto Student) and Panda (2nd Year Tokyo Student). So let’s discuss all the detail we have about these characters. Let’s start with Panda senpai first

(We are not covering anything that might come as a spoiler for anime only so do not worry and read it to the end without hesitation)

Panda’s New Gorilla Form

It was revealed in Episode 16 that Panda is not a real Panda but a Mutated Cursed Corpse. Panda is the ultimate creation of Tokyo Jujutsu High’s principal Yaga. Principal Yaga created him as a baby Panda and he grew up like a normal panda.

The principal gave him physical training and taught him how to use his cores. The principal tells Panda that he has his brother and sister inside him. His brother and sister are the cores he possesses. Now talking about cores let’s discuss what are they.

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Panda’s Cores

Panda possesses three cores inside him. The natural one we see all the time and one core of his brother and one of his sister. The cores can be interpreted as a separate identity with the same brains.

Panda core

This core is the balanced type core. This is the core he naturally uses.

Gorilla Core

This core is his brother’s core. This form has the appearance of a muscled Gorilla with his teeth out as we saw in episode 16. Panda’s this form is very powerful but he can not use it for a long time as it consumes too much-cursed energy.

Panda's New Form - Jujutsu Kaisen
Panda’s New Form – Jujutsu Kaisen

Panda’s sister core

This core is not revealed yet neither in anime nor in the manga. So for more information about this, we will have to wait sometime. Now we have enough details about Panda senpai let’s discuss Ultimate Mechamaru’s real identity

Ultimate Mechamaru’s real identity

Ultimate Mechamaru is like a robot body (Something like Iron Man from Marvel) controlled by Kyoto Jujutsu High second-year student Kokichi Muta. Kokichi has a disfigured body from his birth as he does not have legs and right hand.

Ultimate Mechamaru Real Identity
Ultimate Mechamaru

Kokichi Muta - Ultimate Mechamaru's real identity
Kokichi Muta – Ultimate Mechamaru’s real identity

Also, he is in constant pain and needs medication all the time. Despite all these hardships he keeps up with school work and missions by using the insane amount of cursed energy he possesses and the power to control it from a very long range.

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He despises Panda because despite being a cursed corpse, Panda is free to do anything but he is human and can’t do anything. He is also ready to give up his cursed technique in exchange for a human body.

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