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Platinum End Anime Reveals New Cast & Release Date

Platinum End anime reveals two additional cast members along with the release date. Platinum End is created by the supreme duo, Tsugumi Ohba, and Takeshi Obata, the brain and the brawn behind Death Note and Bakuman.

Animated by Signal.MD, Platinum End anime reminds you of Death Note, angels, humans, the power of a god, and the lust to attain it. With that said, Platinum End’s character designs are refreshing and the manga has been loved by the masses.

Platinum End Anime
Platinum End Anime Key Visual

Slated to release this October, Platinum End is a much-awaited anime for those who loved and still love Death Note. With 24 episodes in its bag, the anime of Platinum End will adapt the whole manga as it has only 58 chapters.

Platinum End Anime Release Date:

Platinum End anime will be released on October 7, 2021.

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Platinum End Anime Release Date 7th October 2021

Platinum End Staff & Cast:

The staff and cast of Platinum End anime were announced. The previously announced cast is mentioned below:

Name of the CastCharacter’s NameFamous Work
Mao IchimichiSaki HanakagoIris (Fire Force)
Miyu IrinoMirai KakehashiSugawara (Haikyuu)
Yui OguraNasseVanica (Black Clover)
Natsuki HanaeRevelTanjirou (Demon Slayer)
Hikaru MidorikawaBaltaRukawa (Slam Dunk)
Ai KayanoBaretDarkness (Konosuba)
Kikuko InoueMeyzaLust (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Toshiyuki MorikawaNanato MukaidouJulius Novachrono (Black Clover)
Tomoaki MaenoHajime SokotaniDecim (Death Parade)
Kaito IshikawaKanade UryuuKageyama (Haikyuu)

Two new additional cast members were announced for the anime of Platinum End. The names of the cast members along with the roles are mentioned below:

Name of the CastCharacter’s NameFamous Work
Kaori MaedaMimimi YamadaAria Futaba (Aikatsu Stars!)
Shouya ChibaMizukiyo MinamikawaShinei Nouzen (86)

The staff of Platinum End anime is mentioned below:

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Name of the StaffStaff’s PositionFamous Works
Hideya TakahashiDirectorJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
Shinichi InotsumeSeries CompositionYona of the Dawn
Takatoshi HamanoSound DirectorIDOLiSH7
Ayumi IkedaColor DesignMaken-Ki! OVA
KusanagiBackground ArtBungou Stray Dogs
Hideyasu NaritaBackground ArtFullmetal Alchemist
Kouji OodateCharacter DesignThe Anthem of the Heart (AD)

Platinum End Plot:

Left in the care of abusive relatives after his parents passed away, Mirai Kakehashi attempts suicide on the day of middle school graduation. Unexpectedly saved by a girl glistening in pure white, who proclaims to be a guardian angel named Nasse.

Platinum End Anime Release Date
Platinum End Anime

Mirai is then presented with the chance to become a god while attaining supernatural powers from Nasse. The only way to do that is to defeat 12 other “God candidates” within 999 days. And thus begins Mirai’s battle with the god candidates which soon took a turn he never expected.


With a strong cast, staff, and a sufficient number of episodes to adapt the whole manga, Platinum End anime is here to leave a strong impression on the Obata & Ohba Fanclub. The anime will stream exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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Will Platinum End satisfy the high expectations of the fans?

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