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Original Ice Hockey Anime: Puraore! Pride of Orange Reveals Two New PV

The sports genre has been saturated with popular sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.

But with the sudden uprise of original sports anime like Taiso Samurai (Gymnastics), Bakuten (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Sk8 (skateboarding), Skate-Leading Stars, and Yuri!! On Ice (Figure Skating) more and more studios are being encouraged on producing anime with sports which are often overlooked.

Puraore! Pride of Orange Anime Release Date, Key Visual, OP ED
Puraore Anime Key Visual

Following the trend, Studio C2C is animating the original sports anime “Puraore! Pride of Orange”. The anime is based on Ice-Hockey as the sport played by junior high girls. Now one might simply say, it’s another “Cute girls doing cute things” type of anime, but it is much more than that. 

Puraore! Pride of Orange is set to release in October 2021. Two new PV were released with one playing the opening theme while the other one playing the ending theme.

Puraore! Pride of Orange Anime Release DateOctober 2021

The one-minute forty-six seconds opening theme version of the PV shows the protagonists playing IceHockey in the Ice Hockey rink while showcasing the animation quality and what to expect from the sports part of the anime. The opening theme is “Faiou Fight!” by Team Puraore!

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The ending theme version of the PV shows the daily life and struggles of the girls off the field, which seems to be quite thought out from the one-minute forty-five seconds PV. The ending theme is “Orange” by May’n.

After watching the two versions of the PV, the show reminds me of how Taiso Samurai was, balancing both the on-field and off-field life of a sportsperson.

Plot of Puraore! Pride of Orange:

In the Nikko-based Ice Hockey team, Dream Monkeys of Tochigi Prefecture, being at the top of the world in Ice Hockey is every girl’s dream. Local Junior High Student Manaka is no exception, she even forcibly drags her younger sister Ayaka to experience Ice Hockey firsthand held by Dream Monkeys. And joining them are their childhood friends Kaoruko and Mami. Eventually fascinated with Ice Hockey all of the girls join the team to follow their dream to reach the summit while enjoying their time in the rink.

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