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(Buddha’s Opponent) Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

Everyone is hyping over Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 as we will be seeing the opponent of Buddha in the upcoming chapter. Also, Who is going to fight Buddha, A God or a Human. This is also not clear yet but the wait is almost over. Raw scans released, check them below

In the last chapter, God Shiva has won the fight defeating Raiden in an intense fight. Now the God’s side has taken the lead and the score is now 3 – 2. We saw that Brunhilde was pretty frustrated after God Shiva won. The battleground for the next battle is already set.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Zeus goes to invite God Buddha for the next fight. After Buddha entered the arena we saw a shocking revelation as Buddha declares that he will be fighting from the Humans’ side. The reason behind this is not revealed yet but some fans were already expecting this type of twist from the series. Read the spoilers and raw scans below

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Recently Record of Ragnarok anime was announced. If you want to know all the details about the upcoming Record of Ragnarok anime you can check them here.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Raw scans have been released. Though we will have to wait some time for the English translations and these translations will come in around 7 to 10 days. So, we will have to be patient about the English translation while enjoying the raw manga as the manga is focused on fights and does not contain that many dialogues.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Release Date25th February 2021
Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 English Translations3-4 March 2021

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Raw Scans

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Raw Scans has been released. We are attaching all the available raw scans and leaked images below. We will update the article if we receive more info on Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Chapter 44.

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The available scans are in low quality. High quality scans will be updated soon.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 44 Spoilers

  • Buddha will be fighting the union of seven gods, Seven Lucky Gods or Reifuku, or Zero.
  • These seven lucky gods came from a flying ship and they are very angry at Budhha.
  • First Bishamonten was considered the opponent but Zeus visits Boshamonten and Bishamonten replies that he knows what to do.
  • Zeus leaves the arena after that.
  • Heimdall asks other gods except Bishamonten to leave the battleground so that fight can start.
  • The seven gods ignore Heimdall.
  • Heimdall requests the seven gods again to this Bishamonten replies that they are not seven they are one.
  • And then they all gather and form a circle that looks like a ritual.
  • Then Bishamonten expands his muscles and destroys his armor and shouts.
  • Then Ebisu’s body merges with Bishamonten.
  • Budai Takeshi follows Ebisu and joins the Zero form.
  • after that Benzaiten merges with the divine form of seven gods.
  • At last, Jurojin, Fukurokuju, and Daikokuten joins togather.
  • This new form looks like a God Robot.
  • These are not the seven gods but one and they are known as Reifuku (not sure).
  • Ebisu says that this is the true identity of Zero.
  • Reifuku’s body is small compared to Buddha but the aura coming from Reifuku is terrifying.
  • Heimdall describes Reifuku as a child.
  • More spoilers will be updated if we are missing something.
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These are all the available spoilers for Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Chapter 44 now. Everything will be clear once the English translations with exact dialogues come out. Till then enjoy these raw scans and spoilers and patiently wait for the English translations.

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