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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date

Buddha is about to face a new enemy Hajun (Devil king of the sixth heaven) in the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50. The last chapter took a very dramatic and unexpected change as Zerofuku turned into a devil. For more information read the spoilers below.

Last month, two chapters were on the same day, let’s see a little recap of them. In the last chapter, we saw that Zero was trying very hard to land a blow on Buddha, he changed various weapons but all of them were useless against Buddha’s ultimate weapon ‘The Future SIght’.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Read English Reddit Leaks Shuumatsu no Valkyrie
Buddha vs Hajun

Zero called this sight cowardly and tried to attack again but Buddha but still can’t get a hit. Then Buddha explained what he was trying to do and Zero was convinced and his misfortune and weapons disappeared. Buddha was clearly the winner but it couldn’t be decided as there was no need to fight anymore.

Zero regained his status of God. But then suddenly something unexpected happened. Zero’s horn fell down and he started transforming. Two dragons came out of his body and then attacked him. Buddha tried to stop the attack but it was too much power and his eyesight wasn’t working on them either.

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Buddha got thrown away and Zero took the form of something that looked like an egg. From that egg, Hajun the devil king from the sixth heaven raised and now he will be fighting Buddha in Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Chapter 50.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 is set to be released on 26th July 2021. The English version will take around three-four days to surface online. So, you can enjoy the raw scans and spoilers below until the English translation for the latest chapter comes out.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Release Date26th July 2021
Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 English Release Date29-30 July 2021

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Spoilers

  • Hajun appeared using Zerofuku’s body. Everyone is shocked at what happened.
  • Hajun possesses a very dangerous aura that even people in the stands are shaking their legs.
  • Brunhilde has no information about Hajun.
  • Buddha tries to calm down Zero as he still thinks he can save him.
  • It looks like the misfortune that Zero sucked from humans took a form of a person.
  • Odin also does not answer anything about it, same for Zeus.
  • If that person is not a God, then he is disqualified already.
  • A person comes from behind and says that he is not a God.
  • The person is The King of the Underworld, Hades.
  • Hades is a brother of Zeus.
  • Now the question arises, who is this mysterious guy, and is he really Zeus’ brother?
  • Hades knew about Hajun but this is the first he is seeing him.
  • Hajun existed even before Zeus and Hades?
  • On the battlefield, Hajun generates a sword from his right hand and attacks Buddha.
  • Budhha somehow manages to stop the attack with terrifying power and speed.
  • Hajun is surprised that Buddha stopped his attack but still attacks continuously.
  • Buddha tries to use his Future Sight but it’s of no use.
  • Buddha gets punched in the stomach and gets thrown away.
  • Also, Hajun can change the shale of his blade almost instantly.
  • After attacking Buddha he changed it into a huge drill.
  • Buddha deploys a shield to counter the attack but it makes a hole right through the shield.
  • Blood is dripping from Buddha’s left eye and Hajun is overjoyed looking at Buddha’s blood and forms an evil laugh.
  • Buddha thinks how can he lose to this psycho guy. Chapter ends.
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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Raw Scans

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Raw Scans has been released. You can check the raw scans and spoilers below in the respective sections.

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