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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Raw Scans, Spoilers, English Release Date

Beelzebub destroyed Tesla’s armor in the last chapter and in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 it looks like Tesla is trying to regain his strength while planning something in the shadows. Read more about it in the below sections.

In the last chapter, we saw that Tesla already knew the ground-shaking technique Beelzebub used. The audience did not have any clue what happened in the arena except for the scientists. It was explained as a sound wave technology that is used to destroy objects and shake the earth in an earthquake. Beelzebub used the same technique again but this time Tesla dodges again but there is a scar on his chest.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Raw Scans Spoilers English Release Date Read Reddit Leaks Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Japanese Wiki Translation

Zeus and Adamas discussed that there is something different about Beelzebub’s fighting technique and he looks very angry at humanity. Due to his manipulation of vibration, Beelzebub’s hand works like an extremely sharp blade. Tesla then tries to attack and closed the distance between them in a moment but Beelzebub dodges the attack.

He then tried to attack multiple times but fails although one time he almost succeeded when he fainted with an attack with a hand and used another for punching. Beelzebub was also not stopping and used ‘Sorato vau’ which destroyed Tesla’s armor and he is now bleeding from his head.

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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 is out and spoilers and raw scans have been released. The English-translated version of the latest Shuumatsu no valkyrie chapter will take around 4 to 5 days to get translated into English and get released online. So, till then you can enjoy the raw scans and spoilers below until the English translation for the latest chapter gets released.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Release Date25th October 2022
Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 English Release Date30th October 2022 or later

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Raw Scans

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Raw Scans have been released and you can check them out below. Looks like Tesla was planning something while having a talk with Beelzebub and that might be the case for Beelzebub too. Also, read the full English spoilers in the spoilers section below.

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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 70 Spoilers

  • Beelzebub’s real name is Ball Zebul and he is a god with two faces.
  • He is like a mix of a good god and an evil god.
  • Then we see Beelzebub’s secret treasure which is that if he swings his left hand it becomes a shield and repels all attacks.
  • And when you swing the right hand it becomes a sword.
  • Hilde tells that Beelzebub holds the strongest spear and shield.
  • Tesla’s armor got destroyed but it does some auto-repair and starts functioning partially.
  • Tesla is bleeding but he praises Beelzebub’s power and calls his attack wonderful.
  • Tesla is very impressed by Beelzebub’s attack mechanism and asks for his wand.
  • Beelzebub declines the request.
  • Tesla respects Beelzebub’s fight ethic as he does not go for a quick attack as he wants a fair fight.
  • Tesla then arrogantly says that he can’t beat him.
  • The present might belong to Gods but the future belongs to mankind.
  • Tesla then looks into the sky and says it’s almost full.
  • A huge current crackles in the sky and looks like Tesla was planning something.
  • Beelzebub seems fascinated by all this electricity.
  • This is infinite energy and forms a bond with air and makes a cage-like shape.
  • Tesla calls it Gematria Zone, the Prison of the Gods.
  • This electric field is very likely to increase the performance of Automata.
  • Tesla then says ‘In this 9.63m x 9.63m world, I am the God’.
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