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10 Sexy Anime Boys Sizzled Up 2024 (Ranked)

sexy anime boys

There are countless male characters in the world of anime who stole fans’ hearts with their charming looks. Just like any other year, there are plenty of sexy anime boys from newly released anime in 2024 that grab our attention.

No matter what anime genre they belonged to, like romance or action, each of them had an exceptionally attractive look and captivating personality. Their hotness and coolness are not just praised within their respect series but also in our real world. So, without any further delay, let’s meet these 10 sexy anime boys who sizzled up in 2024.

Note: In this list, we did not add male characters from any sequel season whom we already knew. Each of these sexy anime boys are unique character whom we all met for the first time in 2024.

10 Most Sexy Anime Boys in 2024 (Ranked)

10. Allen Crawford 

sexy anime boys
Source: I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady anime

Anime Name: I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness

Allen Crawford is a handsome anime guy who has split hair and crimson-red eyes. Half of his hair is black, while the other half is white, which gives him a unique yet attractive look.

As a demon lord, he usually wears a long, ragged hood that suits his title of lord. He usually acts very kind to others, but he instantly turns his face scary whenever someone makes him angry. 

9. Lawrence

sexy anime boys
Source: Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence anime

Anime Name: Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence 

Lawrence is one of the titular characters from a popular romance anime of 2024. His messy black hair and attractive facial features are the major reason behind his cool look. Moreover, he usually wears a black suit along with a golden cross that perfectly suits him as the husband of Saint Sama.

Aside from his cool look and polite nature, his way of loving and respecting his wife, Cecelia is quite captivating. As a result, most girls anime fans consider him as ideal husband material or better to say “Husbando” for them.  

8. Jinshi: One of the Most Sexy Anime Boys with Long Hair

sexy anime boys
Source: Apothecary Diaries anime

Anime Name: Apothecary Diaries

Jinshi is without a doubt one of the sexy anime boys who play a major role in the popular mystical anime of 2024. He has feminine facial features, a slender build, and long, beautiful black hair.

Moreover, he usually carries an angelic smile on his face and always talks elegantly to others. Even though he is a femboy, he still has a masculine hand that helps him wield blades in fights with ease.

7. Kiyoka Kudo

sexy anime boys
Source: My Happy Marriage anime

Anime Nam: My Happy Marriage

Kiyoka Kudo is another best husband of the year who grabs everyone’s attention with his athletic build and attractive look. Being the head of a noble family, he excellently knows his importance and never takes disrespect from anyone.

He is originally a kind guy, but most of the girls mistook him for a rude guy just because of the serious look on his face. Even though he has a slender build, he is incredibly strong and blessed with supernatural abilities.

6. Akito Yamada 

sexy anime boys
Source: My Love Story with Yamada Kun Anime

Anime Name: My Love Story with Yamada Kun

Akito Yamada is the titular character of a popular rom-com anime from 2024. He is a very tall, handsome guy blessed with sharp cheeks and a jawline that make him one of the best sexy anime boys.

Due to his introverted nature, he doesn’t like social gatherings and is always busy playing video games. Most people think of him as a rude person, but he is a very helpful person who never says no to anyone. 

5. Toji Fushiguro: One of the Most Popular Sexy Anime Boys

sexy anime boys
Source: Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Anime Name: Jujutsu Kaisen

Now moving forward to Toji Fushiguro, the most badass character of 2024, who challenges Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a tall, handsome guy with broad shoulders and an appealing aesthetic look.

Many of the fans, especially bodybuilders, keep trying hard to get that level of physique, which indicates how much they love him. Aside from his good looks, he is also incredibly strong and has defeated several powerful curses and cursed users without using any sorcery. 

4. Ron Kamonohashi

sexy anime boys
Source: Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective anime

Anime Name: Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective

Even though the series is not very popular among fans, its main character, Ron Kamonohashi, surely grabs everyone’s attention. He is an exceptionally attractive detective with a slender build and beautiful, messy hair.

Moreover, he had a tattoo-like red mark over his neck, but it’s a scar that denotes a number, 96. Aside from having good looks, he is highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat and archery, as well as possessing exceptional deductive skills.

3. Finn:

sexy anime boys
Source: High Card anime

Anime Name: High Card

Let’s meet Finn, the most fashionable as well as one of the sexy anime boys of 2024. His stylish blonde hair and fashion accessories like silver earrings play a major role in his stylish look.

No matter what he wears–a yellow blazer, a black jacket, or any fashionable outfit, everything looks great on him. Sometimes, his reckless behavior raises problems for him, but he smartly handles everything on his own. 

2. Aqua Hoshino

sexy anime boys
Source: anime

Anime Name: Oshi No Ko

Aqua Hoshino is the son of Ai Hoshino and the most handsome character in Oshi No Ko. His tall, slender build and beautiful blonde hair with long bangs make him exceptionally handsome.

Just like his name, his eye color is also aqua (sky blue), which enhances his hotness to another level. Being a talented actor, he knows very well how to use his charm to win the hearts of audiences, whether they are the series’ fictional audience or our real-world audiences. 

1. Gabimaru: One of the Best Sexy Anime Boys

sexy anime boys
Source: Hell’s Paradise anime

Anime Name: Hell Paradise

Gabimaru is not any ordinary sexy anime boys but also the best main character in 2024. It’s not just his beautiful, messy white hair and glazing yellow eyes that make him so attractive.

His emotionless face and calm yet captivating personality are also enhancing his hotness to a further level. On the other hand, he possessed a wide range of supernatural powers, including superhuman strength, ninja skills, and Tao. 


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this amazing list of 10 sexy anime boys in 2024 to be useful and meet something to your taste. Some of them had beautiful hair or an aesthetic body while some had sharp facial features or good fashion sense.

These are the reasons behind their popularity among fans and brought them to the list. Stay tuned with us for more amazing character lists and anime recommendations

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