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Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Release Date, Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 is just about to get released and every fan is excited about how will Hunter Sung Jin-woo solo clear the S-Rank Gate in Japan. The fight is already started and Jin-woo has killed many Giant Monsters without any trouble.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Sung Jin-woo and his friend Yu Jin-Ho have arrived in Japan and already started their mission of clearing the Gate. Yu Jin-ho is helping the civilians while Jin-woo is fighting the monster army.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 135

Though, Jin-woo’s this decision is questioned and mocked by many S-Rank hunters while some believe that he will not survive this ruckus happening in Japan but we know Jin-woo’s capabilities and he will sure clear the Gate alone. One thing is sure that Solo Leveling 135 will be full of action as it will be most likely the last chapter in the Japan arc.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 is set to be released on 13th January 2021 at 3:30-4 AM KST (Korean Standard Time) on Kakaopage’s Official website. But the official release is in the Korean language and we have to wait for some more time till it gets translated into English, Indonesian, and various other languages.

While we still have time in the release of Solo Leveling 135 you can enjoy the Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Spoilers taken from the light novel of Solo Leveling. The release time may differ according to your locations so keep your reading sources around this time.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Raw Scans are basically the Korean scans that get a release on the Kakaopage website and then get picked up by various subbing groups to translate in English, Indonesian and other languages.

You can read the Full English spoilers for Solo Leveling 135 in the spoilers section below.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Spoilers

The last chapter Solo Leveling 134 included Sung Jin-woo and Yu Jin-Ho’s arrival in Japan and how they have started clearing the area by killing the monsters and helping the injured.

This upcoming chapter will most likely mark the end of the Japan arc and after that, we will be heading to the America arc where a new S-Rank Gate has appeared in New Maryland. Read the full spoilers below

Solo Leveling 135 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling 135

Solo Leveling 135 Spoilers

  • Japan Hunter Association has escaped to a safe location.
  • Matsumoto (Japan Hunter Association chairman) warns Jin-woo about the danger but Jin-woo has different things in mind.
  • Matsumoto suggests this because Japan needs time to negotiate with America and Russia.
  • Hunter Jin-woo creates an army of ants and sends them to fight Giants in different locations.
  • Jin-woo works on clearing the cities one by one. The first city to be reclaimed is Nagoya.
  • Beru and his army are also supporting Jin-woo with their full power.
  • Jin-woo with his summons has cleared every city and now reaching Tokyo.
  • Jin-woo arrives at Kofu after securing various cities.
  • All people could see is Giants are falling on the ground, lifelessly.
  • Jin-woo has killed 13 Giants till now.
  • Killing these giants has increased his level by six.
  • Jin-woo and others feel a very powerful aura from a giant protecting the Gate in Shinjuku.
  • Hunter Jin-woo is excited about how many levels he will gain after killing this Giant who is protecting the gate.
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Currently, these are the spoilers we can tell you now for complete story wait for the chapter to get released. We will update more spoilers and details as soon as we get Solo leveling 135 raw scans. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 135 Spoilers.

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