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Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Release Date, Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 is going to contain the fight S-Rank Hunter Jin-woo and the dungeon boss as the giant they defeated was not the actual boss as the message on screen was ‘You have defeated the enemy’ instead of ‘You have defeated the Dungeon Boss’.

The previous chapter showed that the Giant monster guarding the S-Rank Gate in Tokyo was very powerful as it took many ant soldiers in a single blow and Jin-woo was testing his strength.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 137

After that Jin-woo summoned Kaisel and attacked the Giant Monster with his Ant and Giant Army (Tusk and Beru’s Army) and defeated that monster but something was not right as that monster was not the dungeon boss.

Now many questions are running through Hunter Jin-woo’s mind. If this monster was this much powerful, How much power the real boss have? Can Jin-woo solo defeat the boss or he needs some help to do it? These all questions will be answered in the upcoming Solo Leveling 137.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 is releasing this Wednesday on 27th January 2021. The chapter will first appear in official publisher Kakaopage and then will be subbed into various languages including English, Indonesian, etc.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Release Date27th January 2021
Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Release TimeAround 4 AM Korean Time

There is still some time in the release of Solo Leveling 137 so till then you can read the Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Spoilers taken directly from the light novel of Solo Leveling. Also, release date and time may vary according to your living area so keep checking your sources to read the chapter at earliest.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Raw Scans are the official Korean scans that release on the Kakaopage website. These scans are picked up by various scanlation groups for providing subtitles. Till then Read Spoilers for the next chapter in the Solo Leveling 137 Spoilers section below.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Spoilers

In Solo Leveling 136 the Giant protecting the Gate was killed by Jin-woo with the help of Beru. But something really strange happened and that even shocked Hunter Jin-woo. Is that a new kind of threat or it is something else that is bothering Jin-woo? For finding out what happened read the spoilers below

Solo Leveling 137 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling 137

Solo Leveling 137 Spoilers

  • Hunter Jin-woo defeated the Giant monster and a message popped up ‘You have defeated the enemy.’
  • This means the monster was not the Boss of this dungeon.
  • Jin-woo is quite surprised as he thought this Giant was the Boss in every aspect.
  • Jin-woo is angry and worried that if this wasn’t the Boss then this fight in very far from being over.
  • While trying Shadow extraction on monster a message popped ‘Shadow extraction can’t be performed on the target’.
  • Suddenly, Jin-woo hears a bone clattering sound from somewhere.
  • The sound was coming from the monster as his jaw started to move again.
  • But is Beru who was inside the monster’s body.
  • Beru and Hunter Jin-woo both smell a weird odor in the air.
  • There was something on Beru’s shoulder, a yellow liquid type thing.
  • Jin-woo was praising Beru for his work but suddenly the air around them changed.
  • They got attacked by a mysterious thing.
  • This mysterious thing was the dead giant’s magic energy that was getting sucked into the dungeon.
  • Yu Jin-ho came closer to Jin-woo but Jin-woo told him to stay away as it is getting very dangerous.
  • Then Jin-woo led his shadow soldiers into the dungeon gate.
  • Jin-woo is being cautious this time as he can already sense the danger inside the dungeon.
  • Jin-woo stops Beru and his ant army and asks Beru to hear the strange noise.
  • Beru confirms that he is hearing the same thing.
  • It was a strange laugh that can only be heard by the level of Jin-woo and Beru.
  • The black chains spread all over the dungeon was tying an unknown person to the dungeon’s walls.
  • Some chains was even piercing through this person’s body.
  • The unknown person continues laughing saying this is very humorous.
  • The suddenly look in his eyes changed and he said to Jin-woo ‘You are not the one I know’
  • The person reveals that The Rulers wants to use him as a stepping stone of true warfare.
  • Who are the Rulers? and whai is the true warfare that is about to take place?

These questions will be answered later in the upcoming Solo Leveling chapters. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 137 Spoilers.

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