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Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Release Date, Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 is going to reveal more information about the sealed monarch that has been found by S-Rank Hunter Sung Jin-woo and his ant army inside the dungeon gate in Tokyo. Also, we will get to know more about the ancient enemies of the monarchs.

In the last chapter, after defeating the gate protector Giant, Jin-woo was shocked as the message that appeared on the screen wasn’t ‘You have defeated the dungeon boss’ and for finding the real boss he enters the dungeon gate with his ant army but something more shocking was waiting for him.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 138

He founds a chained monarch who is identified as ‘King of Giants – Regia’. The monarch says Jin-woo to release him from his seal and offers ‘Pledge of Honesty Deal’. Once this deal is accepted both of them (Jin-woo and Regia) can not lie to each other. Jin-woo signs the treaty and now he wants more information about the Soldiers of the Rulers.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 will be released this Wednesday on 3rd February 2021. The chapter will first be released on official publisher Kakaopage and then will be released with subtitles into various languages including English, Indonesian, etc.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Release Date3 February, Wednesday
Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Release TimeAround 4 AM Korean Time

Solo Leveling 138 still has some time in its release but you can still enjoy the Solo Leveling Chapter 138 spoilers taken from the Solo Leveling light novel as the manhwa is adapted from the light novel. Also, the release date and time may vary according to your living area so keep checking your sources to read the chapter at the earliest.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans will be released by the Kakaopage website 3-4 hours before the English release of the upcoming chapter. The raw scans will be available in the Korean language and will be translated later. Read the spoilers for the upcoming chapter below

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Spoilers

The last chapter Solo Leveling 137 covered the part where Hunter Jin-woo entered the S-Rank Dungeon in Tokyo and found out that the owner of this dungeon is chained but some shocking revelations are waiting for Jin-woo. Read the spoilers below to find out

Solo Leveling 138 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling 138

Solo Leveling 138 Spoilers

  • Jin-woo wants to know more about the soldiers with Silver armor and wings.
  • Regia tells Jin-woo that they are the soldiers of the Rulers.
  • Regia also reveals that they are preparing for a war and they are sending giants to convert the earth into a warzone of Sovereigns.
  • The motive behind sending the giants is to send magical energy on earth.
  • Rulers decided to send their prisoners to spread the energy throughout the earth and on earth, the magical density is getting thicker day by day.
  • The king of giants further reveals that they are doing this so that your world doesn’t get destroyed during the war.
  • The rulers have decided ‘Earth’ as ground zero for the upcoming war.
  • The earth is going to turn into hell and there is not much time left.
  • Once the rulers get to know about me getting free by you, they will be planning their next move.
  • It is very possible that they have already started moving.
  • Jin-woo asks why they are coming to kill me.
  • To that Regia replies you really don’t know anything. The power you have is not yours.
  • To this Jin-woo agrees and Regia continues with his explanation ‘That means that original owner of Shadow Sovereign has betrayed Sovereigns.’
  • And you are now the enemy of the rulers and the sovereigns both.
  • But whatever happens, I will be standing by your side and fight for you.
  • Jin-woo seems satisfied with the King and goes to unchain him with Demon King’s Sword.
  • But there is still a piece missing and Jin-woo is trying to find it.
  • He suddenly exclaimed to King ‘Are you on humans’ side?’
  • But the king became silent and a murderous aura can be sensed through the air.
  • Jin-woo understood what was going on and stabbed the king 6 times in the chest.
  • King vomited blood many times before dying and said ‘I pray, Everyone you want to protect burn into hell’.
  • Jin-woo interrupts King and slices off his head in a single blow.
  • The message appeared on the screen ‘ You have killed the owner of the dungeon ‘.
  • But now the question is Who are the Rulers and their Soldiers? and what they want to kill Hunter Jin-woo?

These questions will be answered later in the upcoming Solo Leveling chapters. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 138 Spoilers.

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