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Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Released

The wait for Solo Leveling Chapter 142 almost over as the chapter is releasing this upcoming Wednesday and we will be seeing the coverage from the International Guild Conference where Hunter Sung Jin-woo is invited on the behalf of Korea’s Ahjin Guild but Jin-woo has other reasons too.

In the last chapter, we saw that Hunter Sung Jin-woo has been selected as a representative of Korea for the international Guild conference. Chairman Choi Jong-In was being interviewed by some reporters about the recent raid in Japan and about how Hunter Jin-woo is a one-man army.

Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Released

Chairman is happy about Jin-woo joining the conference. A strange request came from China as China’s seven-star hunter (China does not recognize the world ranking system and established its own system.) Liu Zhigeng wanted all available data on Hunter Jin-woo.

On the other side in America, American Guild Leader calls Hunter Hwang whose brother was attacked by Jin-woo’s father, and tells him to do not mess with Hunter Jin-woo but that is not enough to keep him off. The leader orders her secretary to keep an eye on Hunter Hwang.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 142 will be released this Wednesday around midnight on 24th February 2021. The chapter will first be released on official publisher Kakaopage and then will be released with subtitles into various languages like Indonesian, English, Thai etc.

Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Release Date3rd March 2021
Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Release Time4 AM Korean Time

There is around a day in the release of solo leveling 142 but the spoilers are out as they are directly taken from the light novel of the same name. Also, the release time and date may vary according to your living area so keep checking your sources to read the chapter at the earliest.

Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Raw Scans will be released soon and these raw scans will be available to read on kakaopage official website. The subtitled version takes some time to get released. Read the spoilers for the upcoming chapter below

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Solo Leveling Chapter 142 Spoilers

  • Jin-woo has taken responsibility for Japan as most of the hunters and guilds were destroyed during the last attack.
  • Jin-woo is inside a new type of dungeon.
  • In this dungeon, he can sense the monsters but he can not see them.
  • A new type of monster emerged against Hunter Jin-woo. These monsters were dropping from the ceiling and were changing their shape like humans.
  • Jin-woo has never seen this type of monster before.
  • The monsters have a white mask while their whole body is black.
  • There is a total of 12 monsters in front of him.
  • Jin-woo calls his old weapon he hasn’t used in a while ‘Knight Killer’.
  • But this weapon did not work on these monsters.
  • The monsters were attacked by an unseen entity and they were seen flying in no time.
  • Their bodies were ripped apart but they regenerated their bodies.
  • But one of them was not able to do so.
  • Jin-woo noticed it and saw that the mask of that monster was broken a little.
  • Jin-woo figured it out and it was easy for him to defeat those twelve monsters but this was just a practice. Real enemies are yet to come.
  • On the other side, all hunters are going to the US for the conference.
  • But Thomas Andre is only interested in Hunter Jin-woo.
  • The conference will be starting soon.
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