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Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Released

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 will be starting a fierce fight between Korean Hunter Sung Jin-woo‘s Shadow Army and the members of The American Hunters Guild led by Thomas Andre. Read the spoilers below for finding out more about what is coming our way in Solo Leveling 146.

In the last chapter, Hunter Jin-woo found Hunter Hwang’s location where he was keeping Jin-Ho as a hostage to know the truth about his brother Hunter Hwang Dongsuk’s death in a dungeon. Hunter Jin-woo was very angry and threw Hunter Hwang away in a single blow.

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Raw Scans English Spoilers Released

Jin-woo asked Hwang subordinates to heal Jin-ho but they resisted and got what they deserved for coming in Jin-woo’s way. The battle between Hwang and Jin-woo starts again but Hwang is no match for Jin-woo. After that Thomas Andre interferes saying I told you not to mess with Hunter Jin-woo.

But this was all Hunter Hwang’s plan as Thomas is the leader of his guild and he will have to take a stand for his soldier. We saw the past story of Thomas and how he was born strong. After that Thomas asks Jin-woo to calm down but the things got heated and are expected to get more heated in the upcoming chapter.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 will be released this Wednesday around midnight on 31st March 2021. The chapter will first be released in the Korean Language on official publishing partner Kakaopage and then will be released with subtitles into various languages like Indonesian, English, Thai, etc.

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date31st March 2021
Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Time4 AM Korean Time

There is still some time in the release of Solo Leveling 146 but the spoilers are out as the light novel of the series is already published with the same name. Also, the release time and date may vary according to your living area so keep checking your sources to read the chapter as soon as you can.

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Raw Scans will be released soon and these raw scans will be available to read on Kakaopage’s official website. The subtitled version takes some time to get released. Till then, Read the English spoilers for the upcoming chapter below

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Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Spoilers

  • The battle between One Guild and One Man is about to start.
  • On one side there is One thousand summons and on the other side One hundred elite hunters.
  • Thomas Andre goes to attack Jin-woo but Jin-woo is faster than Thomas and Jin-woo stabs Thomas with Demon King’s Shortsword.
  • But this is not enough for Thomas and the sword can not penetrate through his skin armor.
  • Thomas threw Jin-woo away with his elbow.
  • Thomas is also a special rank hunter and we can not say who is more powerful at this moment.
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  • Thomas Andre did not stop after one attack and used his ability ‘Invisible Hand’ on Jin-woo which he used to defeat Kamish.
  • This time Jin-woo used Ruler’s Authority and Thomas can not believe it.
  • Jin-woo didn’t miss this chance and punched Andre in the face again.
  • Now Thomas realized that his enemy is not something he had fought before.
  • Thomas mutters ‘Reinforcement’ and his two-meter tall body suddenly transformed into a three feet tall monster.
  • Thomas now roars like a monster and his power blows away his surroundings.
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  • Thomas does not care about anyone at this moment and his fellow hunters were told to leave the battleground.
  • But this is not enough to stop Jin-woo.
  • Hunter Jin-woo targets Thomas Andre’s all vital points and Thomas is spitting blood all over.
  • Thomas Andre can not believe what is going as he starts to faint and thinks ‘Am I losing?’
  • Thomas collects all his strength and throws a punch but Jin-woo avoids it again and punches him back.
  • Thomas says this is not enough to bring him down and Jin-woo replies that he does not care.
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Solo Leveling 146 Raw Scans English Spoilers Released

The winner of the fight is not decided yet but looking at the scenario Hunter Jin-woo can win this fight. We will get more info in the upcoming chapters. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 146 Spoilers.

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