Spy x Family Anime Adaptation, Release Date, and Details

Hello Guys!! We have got a piece of very good news for you related to Spy x Family Anime. As you already read in the title your favorite manga ‘Spy x Family’ is getting an anime adaptation very soon. An official announcement is still awaited though but we have got solid proofs that the anime is inevitable now.

Spy x Family Anime Adaptation, Release Date, and Details
Spy x Family Anime

UPDATE – In an interview, voice actress Mariko Honda said that SPY x FAMILY is getting an anime adaptation in 2022. Anyways the part of the article was deleted later but the announcement is coming sooner or later.

Well, we hope a good studio handles the project of Spy x Family Anime so fans can enjoy the anime too as much as they enjoy manga.

The proof is that recently a domain name (website – has been registered and a Twitter handle @spyfamily_anime has also been created.

That leads into only one direction that the beautiful manga series will soon be adapted into anime very soon. We will still wait for an official confirmation. But this news is coming from trusted news sources who have reported various anime adaptations.

Spy x Family Anime Release Date

There are only 47 chapters of Spy x Family manga so it will be going to take some time. It will also be a short anime like 12-13 episodes. If everything goes as expected it might release with Chainsaw Man or a season after that and For a specific release date, we can say somewhere 2022 but yeah this wait is long but we are sure it is going to be worth it.

Spy x Family Anime Release Date2022

Spy x Family Characters

  • Loid Forger aka Twilight ( Spy for a secret agency )
  • Anya Forger ( An esper who can read minds)
  • Yor Forger aka Thron Princess ( A top-class assassin )
  • Bond – Family dog (Project Apple’s test subject)

SPY x Family Story

The manga Spy x Family is action, comedy, and spy manga series that follows a spy ‘Twilight’ (Loid Forger) who has to create a fake family for world peace. He first adopts a kid Anya Forger from a foster home who looks gloomy but intelligent. The girl was part of some experiments and is an esper.

Twilight meets his wife Yor Forger in a clothing store and the reason behind their fake marriage was she does not want to be single anymore. Yoru seems simple but actually, she is a top-class assassin known as Thorn Princess from his childhood days. This funny adventure takes these three oddballs on a very serious mission of saving the world.

The spy x family manga is serialized biweekly (twice a month) for free on the Shonen jump+ application and website and Simulpublished in English on Viz media’s official website since March 25, 2019. The series is written by Tatsuya Endo who is a well-known mangaka. The series has released 41 chapters till now at the time of writing.

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