The Rise of Anime Popularity: Writing Your College Essay About Anime

Writing Your College Essay About Anime

There are still quite a few students who have doubts about whether anime is worth writing about for college. Such doubts are not unfounded. After all, the thought of anime is often associated with entertainment and free time. And the question arises as to how to make your work look serious and worthy of attention by teachers or the admissions committee. The answer may not be obvious, but it is efficient. And here it is. A truly interesting essay is created when you write about something you are very passionate about and have expertise in a particular area.

It is the same with the subject of anime. If you are a fan of it and have a really good idea of what you are talking about, why not make it the basis of your essay? The main thing is to avoid some typical and sometimes non-obvious mistakes when writing it.

A Lot of Excitement and a Minimum of Specificity is Definitely Not Your Option

If the majority of your essay describes how much you like the anime and how much time you spent watching it, it is not a good choice. It does not reveal you as a person in any way. In fact, it might even show you in a one-sided way. It can also give the impression that this is the only thing you are interested in life.

Instead, choose an anime that has had a positive impact on you. Analyze those examples. Maybe it was the whole story that made you look at certain aspects of your life in a new way.

Or there was a certain character whose actions allowed you to become bolder and develop the qualities you were previously shy about showing. For example, courage, perseverance, the desire to change the world for the better, and a sincere belief in the possibility of doing so. Write a clear plan of how you will analyze a particular protagonist and their traits and behavior. Think over the structure of your college essay using essays by eduzaurus examples so that each subtopic is successfully combined with the next. Organize your story in an essay format so that it does not look like an anime story. Do not disdain the help of a professional essay writer. Check out the examples of essays that have already been written on similar topics and have been recognized as worthy.

Avoid Inappropriate Themes

The plots of anime stories are very diverse. And among them, there are a large number of those that will definitely not bring you a positive result if you want to create your essay around one of them. Excessive violence and cruelty for the sake of cruelty can definitely not be examples that you should pay attention to and build your essay on. The same goes for topics that criticize or ridicule race, nationality, or religious views. Be careful to weed out such topics and do not try to justify them.

Be Unique in Your Writing

You definitely won’t be the only one writing an anime-themed college essay. Therefore, take it as seriously as possible. Find the meanings in the anime you’re analyzing that you think not everyone else will see except you. Don’t just describe in a few sentences how a certain character has influenced you. But detail this influence with specific references. Give examples from your life.

Find the hooks that will catch the audience you want to address. Of course, you must follow a certain structure and requirements. And each college has its own. But don’t forget that this is also a creative process. And the more personalized your story is, the better your chances are of it standing out from the crowd.

The Rise of Anime Popularity

You Can Weave in an Entire Mini-Research

The anime genre has been around for decades. Like anything else, it is constantly evolving. If you are passionate about a particular anime show or a certain topic, you will have noticed that there are newer stories and older, earlier versions of it. You can use this in your essay. For example, after reviewing how a particular story developed, you can do a research analysis of it. And show how it has positively, or even fundamentally, influenced the development and transformation of you and your character. Be consistent and give example after example, skillfully stringing stories around a key theme – the theme of positive transformation of you as a person.

So, as you can see, what seemed impossible before has now taken on a different meaning. And so, it is with anime. Over time, we can choose it as the topic of our essay and not worry that it will be perceived in some way wrong. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules. And also, to find those aspects that will help you create your own unique story that is not like any other. And don’t forget that we are best at what we are really interested in and passionate about.

Therefore, choose your favorite anime, check whether it falls under the list of unacceptable topics, and show the best aspects that motivated you to write the essay and how they influenced you in the best way.

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