The top anime themed slots

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For decades, animation has been an integral part of pop culture telling us stories and entertaining us. Anime is a Japanese animation style that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years for being unique and a rich history that spans back to the 1900s.

Indeed, across the world anime had infiltrated into the realms of TV, comics and now games. In this context, it is worth exploring the extent of anime’s influence in gaming as well as navigating what anime themed games are out there.

Anime’s inspiration on gaming

Firstly, thanks to technological innovations there are now more and more games that are created around anime. The influence of anime can really be seen in the gambling industry where slot providers in particular have been inspired by it.

In fact, there are now a range of casino sites who offer exciting slot games to choose from including slots with anime related themes. The newest online slot sites need to offer a variety of themes to attract players to their site including anime. Anime themed slots use colourful characters and facial expressions to tell a dramatic storyline and have become so popular as they intertwine themes of adventure, action, comedy, fantasy, romance, and mystery.

With more new anime themed slots entering the picture every day, casino fans are realising that they need to be different to be competitive and indulging in anime themed slots is one way to do that.

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Anime themed slot games

Manga Girls

One popular anime themed slot is Manga Girls 25 Line Slot and this animated slot features dozens of beautiful anime characters on 5 reels and 25 lines. Players will never have a dull moment as it includes many other features such as free spins, bonus rounds as well as wild and scatter symbols to make the game even more exciting.

As is commonplace with anime, this game is exciting and colourful with anime girls cropping up every so often. These characters in the game are likeable and harbour a lot of similar features that anime characters would have including large eyes and coloured hair.

Flower Goddess

Another popular anime themed game is flower goddess which is known for its impressive bonus features. This bonus round is activated if you are able to get rid of the grid of symbols. The game features princesses who are there to assist you whilst you hope for a lucrative payout. With an RTP of 96%, the volatility of this game is very high. However, although it may take a long time to get a monetary reward there is the chance for earning big.

Anime fans are particularly drawn to this game as the characters are life-like and similar to those characters you would see on the television in an anime programme. Obtaining wins in this game also fills up a meter that can fuse together all three abilities to generate a large payoff.

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Magic Maid Café

Furthermore, Magic Maid Café is a 5 reel slot and it is making waves in the realms of anime themed slots as it is known for its engaging gameplay. A large part of this games appeal is the food symbols with colourful cake, pie and biscuits decorating the screen. When players have at least 3 food symbols that match together, they will trigger other symbols to fall which can create more combinations which in turn increases the multiplier.

This game features an array of anime style characters with different hair colours and unique outfits as well as stunning graphics which can entice you to play for hours. It also includes bonus features such as wild symbols and a symbol that triggers ten free spins. With a normal RTP, those who are new or old to the idea of slot games can enjoy this game which has an adjustable bet limit and 20 fixed paylines.

Moon Princess

In a similar vein, anime fans are steadily drawn to the slot game Moon Princess, with stunning backgrounds and striking symbols. Created by Play’n Go, this slot game with an RTP of 96% has been successful in creating an immersive slot game with visually remarkable scenes and designs. The slot game takes inspiration from Sailor Moon which is a Japanese Manga series and brings to life the action and adventure of the series through unique symbols including bells, stars and pictures of the characters.

The game requires players to match at least three symbols in order to win big. The game also has two bonus features including a free spin bonus which is activated if you have cleared the grid of symbols. Although many people have been skeptical about this game due to its RTP, there is the potential to win big with this game with the possibility of increased wins with drop multipliers.

In conclusion, anime is a unique animation form because of its art style and its touching storylines and themes which attract people from all different walks of life. With so many people watching anime as a source of comfort and entertainment, it makes sense that it has made its way into the sphere of casino gaming with new anime themed slots being released every day.

Playing anime themed slots is a great way to bring your love for anime to life! Why not see for yourself how fun it can be to spin a reel and be in for the chance of winning? Remember that if you are considering immersing yourself in a game of anime themed slots to do so with a legitimate online casino and to find a slot game that appeals to your specific requirements and interests.

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