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(Kawaragi Senju is a girl?) Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

As now Draken is in the new gang Brahman, what new truths will be revealed in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 “After a storm comes calm”. Also what Takemichi will do after all these confusing events?

In the last chapter, we got to know that the Brahman gang was not there to fight and they just wanted Takemichi. Draken got angry at them and said that they can not decide things for them. Takemichi agreed and said that he is only here to defeat Kanto Manji Gang leader Sano Manjiro.

Kawaragi Senju is a girl Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Terano got angry and said that are you trying to mess with ‘Three Deities‘ but Draken attacked Terano and round two started but the cops arrived and both gangs were ordered to leave. And after that Draken revealed that he is actually part of Brahman now.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 is set to be released on 20 July 2021 in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha along with other titles.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Release Date20th July 2021
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Raw Scans Release20th July 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Raw Scans has been released and can be found on various social sharing platforms. We are also attaching a tweet so that you can get an idea of the upcoming Tokyo Revengers chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Spoilers

  • Inupi is okay.
  • Takemichi, Draken, and Inupi all are in a bath.
  • Brahman Gang is more like Yakuza.
  • Akashi and Draken are fighting over something related to Takemichi.
  • Draken is also trying to bring back old Mikey.
  • Senju also wants to crush Kanto Manji Gang.
  • Akashi tells Takemichi that Brahman is not a little boys gang, it is a gang of adults.
  • Takemichi has joined Brahman to achieve his goal to defeat Mikey, Draken welcomes him to the gang.
  • It looks like Senju likes Takemichi and is giving old Mikey vibes.
  • On the last page, Here comes a shocking revelation. Is Kawaragi Senju a girl? or it is his twin sister?
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