(Delayed) Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Can Takemichi figure out what is going on with him lately in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 and can he actually see the future? Also, what will be Takemichi and Draken’s plan to bring back Mikey who is currently leading the Kanto Manji Gang?

In the last chapter, we saw that Takemichi was still thinking about the vision he had about Senju earlier and was spacing out till Draken called him out. It was revealed that Draken lives at the same place he used to live before. When Takemichi pressed the elevator’s button to reach the fourth floor of the building, he saw a scene where he is covered in blood.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date Read Reddit Break Delay

Then they went to Draken’s room where several photos were on the wall from the toman’s time and Draken still dreams about Emma and then Draken said that he must save him, he can’t abandon him. Then he asked Takemichi about future Mikey.

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Takemichi told Draken that everyone was fine except Mikey and now he runs a criminal organization called Bonten. Draken told Takemichi that In the last two years. Mikey fought with all his toman friends and made them hate him. Draken and Mikey promised each other that they will bring back Mikey.

On their way out, A girl from the house spilled her ketchup on Takemichi’s shirt and hand. This was the same vision Takemichi had upon entering the building. Now, Takemichi is realizing that he might also see the future. More information about this Future vision of Takemichi will be revealed in the upcoming chapters.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers 218 is set to be released on 17th August 2021 in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha along with other titles.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Release Date17th August 2021
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Raw Scans17th August 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers

  • Senju is in a meeting with a businessman who wants to partner up with the Brahman gang to get stronger.
  • There is a brahman gang meeting in a building.
  • They went inside the facility and there is a boxing match going on.
  • The facility is called ‘B1’ and the boxing matches take place every night and rich people bet on them.
  • Then Senju entered the arena and everyone cheered her name.
  • Senju called out Takemichi and says that he is the new member of Brahman and offers him a brahman uniform.
  • Then she announced that Brahman and will be fighting both the Kanto manji gang and Rokuhara tandai at the same time on 14th July.
  • in the last panel, Senju calls Takemichi for a date.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Raw Scans will be released next week on Tuesday as this week Weekly Shonen Magazine is on a pre-scheduled break as the staff is resting. The manga will continue from next week.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 218 Spoilers will be released along with the raw scans next week on Tuesday. The whole Weekly Shonen Magazine is on a break which publishes Blue Lock, Fire Force, etc.

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