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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Everyone underestimated Takemichi but now he is strong and in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 other members of Tokyo Manji 2nd Generation will fight Kanto Manji Gang with more confidence and power. Read till the end for the spoilers and raw scans.

In the last chapter, we saw that the final fight between Kanto Manji Gang and The Second Generation of Tokyo Manji Gang started and Takemichi punched Kakucho really hard that no one could believe. He took Kakucho out in a single punch. Even Mikey gave a reaction to Takemichi’s strength.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Read English Leak TR

Takemichi charged without any delay and hesitation and was called an idiot for that but no one knew that their old weak Takemichi is gone now. Mikey also thought that Takemichi was the weakest person from Toman 2nd Generation but it looked like Takemichi exceeded everyone’s expectations of him.

Also, Kakucho remembered his childhood friend who he used to call ‘Hero’ after looking at Takemichi. At the end of the chapter, Takemichi said that he is ready and was prepared for the fight and he will surely reach Mikey.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers 246 is set to be released (English) on 15th March 2022 in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha along with other titles.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Release Date (English)15th March 2022
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans12th March 2022

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans are out and can be found on various social sharing platforms. We are also attaching some tweets so that you can get an idea of the upcoming Tokyo Revengers manga chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Spoilers

  • The fight stops as Kakucho was lying on the ground.
  • Nobody could believe that it only took one punch to Kakucho from Takemichi to get defeated.
  • Ran says that’s impossible as everyone considered Takemichi a weak person.
  • Sanzu also could not believe Takemichi’s strength.
  • After that, we see panels where other Tokyo Manji Gang Second Generation members are showing their strengths.
  • We see Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Hakkai, and Angry enjoying the fight.
  • Members of Kanto Manji Gang are targeting Inupi.
  • Inpui took those members out in an instant.
  • Senju is also doing the same and takes on multiple Kanto manji members.
  • She says that she could defeat 100 people alone.
  • More spoilers will be updated soon.
Tokyo Revengers TR 246 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Read English Leak

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246?

Tokyo Revengers releases in Weekly Shonen Magazine only in Japanese and no official weekly release is available. Though there are weekly fan translations in English, we recommend you support the author and the franchise by buying official English-translated volumes.

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Kodansha US has recommended a few sites where you can read, buy or download the official manga volumes or chapters. You can also get the manga from the Official Site of Kodansha US.

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