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[Baji and Chifuyu’s past] Tokyo Revengers season 2 Episode 6 Controversy & spoilers

Tokyo Revengers season 2 Episode 6 Controversy & spoilers

Tokyo revengers season 2 was one of the most anticipated anime for the year and finally, it started streaming in February of this year. As the show goes on we can see a lot of changes in the series, which is quite exciting to see, where in every episode some new characters are emerging in the series and creating a link between the stories of the past.

But in this article, we will be talking about some controversies, which are being raised due to the recently released episode 6 of season 2 of Tokyo Revengers.

The scenes shown in the series are totally original and it’s known to be anime-original scenes, which was a huge surprise for anime and manga fans of this series.

The flashback shown In this episode was about Baji and Chifuyu and how they become so close to each other. It shows how much respect Chifuyu had for Baji.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 Episode 6 unveiled Baji and Chifuyu’s past Toman days through an anime-original flashback (Spoilers):-


The controversy arises when Chifuyu shown in the flashback was being trolled by the toman as he was just a rookie. Chifuyu started beating toman’s first division members as they were badmouthing him by saying he was just there to please Baji the leader of their first division Toman. Later on, Baji arrived and without even listening to Chifuyu, he continually punches him in the face brutally.

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This scene caused fans of Tokyo Revengers to divide into two some thinking baji is evil and some are on his side.

There are being to many tweets about fans discussing their views on the same.

Some are like it was necessary for Baji to hit Chifuyu because he was the leader of the first division of toman and he has to keep everything online in the gang.

Keeping huge numbers of delinquents together is not an easy task which is why leaders like Keisuke and Mikey go harsh on their underlying where their punishments are brutal and seem a lot inhuman to normal people.

As a New member of the Toman Chifuyu had to be more mature about things, which will definitely help him to coordinate with members. And it seems that these punishments had made Chifuyu way more mature in his actions and plannings as we see now.

And later on, it also seems that Chifuyu says that he will be dedicating his entire life to him.

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Although we have seen many times that Baji beat Chifuyu for his immature act. But in this anime-original flashback scene, which is shown in episode 6 of Tokyo Revengers season 2, it can be seen that it was the first time when Baji got serious about Chifuyu’s absurd behavior. Chifuyu has always admired Baji and had taken an oath to respect and follow no one orders other than his.

Besides the fact that Baji had beaten Chifuyu so badly, Chifuyu would have lost the understanding of doing the right thing, If baji was not being with him as a big brother throughout his journey when he was newly recruited in Toman.

Even though Takemichi is totally opposite of Baji, Chifuyu admires him as well because he was the only one who really wanted to help Baji and Toman to be in a better place. And he is considered to be the First Division captain of Toman after Baji died, which was accepted by Chifuyu himself.

By being an immature rookie in the gang then following Baji’s ideals, after his teaching, and later on helping Takemichi with his missions. Chifuyu has grown really well as a character in the series itself.

Tokyo Revengers Revengers Season 2 Spoilers

Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers anime has adapted The Christmas showdown arc, which is also called the Black Dragons arc in the manga. This arc mainly focuses on the battle between the Tokyo Manji gang and the 10th generation of the Black Dragons Gang in the show.

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In this arc, our main protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki decided to travel back in time to avert a Christmas night face-off between the Toman member named Hakkai Shiba and his older brother, a Black Dragon leader named Taiju Shiba, who is known for his cruel nature against his younger siblings.

However, it will not be an easy task for Takemichi to change the past as there are many consequences for the same and it’s very difficult to change every happening in the past and make things better for the future because it’s too much of a mess to handle alone.

Therefore Takemichi by trusting Chifuyu has said the truth about his time travel and then the story begins where Chifuyu helps Takemichi to solve the situation.

Where Can You Stream Tokyo Revengers Season 2:-

You can now officially watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 on Disney Hotstar for free of cost. Yes, you have heard it right!

So, if you have missed episode 6 of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 then go and watch it for free on Disney Hotstar.

And finally Stay tuned for more Updates of Tokyo Revengers Season 2!

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