Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime To Watch in 2024

A man in a black suit with black shades, a cigar in his mouth, and a battle scar on his face with an intimidating aura is what you think a Mafia looks like, right?

Though it is true to some extent, it is also not necessary for all the mafia to have similar features.

Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime To Watch in 2021 Best New Popular

Originating from Sicily Italy, Mafia is now a worldwide phenomenon including countries like America, Russia, and Japan.

In Japan, a Mafia is called Yakuza.

And in anime Yakuza has been common from the very beginning.

Be it showcasing the life of a yakuza or making them the antagonist of the story, anime has illustrated different shades of a mafia.

So without any further ado, let’s begin the list of top 10 mafia gangster anime.

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10. Gangsta.

Gangsta. - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – July 2015
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12
  • Studio – Manglobe

Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo are known as the “Handymen” throughout the city of Ergastalum.

They are often contracted by both legal and illegal forces for the jobs no one can do.

Soon both of them take in Alex Benedetto, a prostitute who was meant to be eliminated by those who didn’t want her in this city.

Once known as the shelter for super-human beings, the city has now turned into hell.

Meanwhile, an unknown menace is looming over the city.

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9. Jormungand

Jormungand - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – April 2012
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 24
  • Studio – White Fox

Growing up in a war-ridden territory, Jonah hates weapons and the people dealing with them.

Fate has something else planned for him as he was soon hired as a bodyguard by Koko Hekmatyar, an international arms dealer.

All Koko wants is world peace but the route she has taken is questionable.

Always being chased by assassins, CIA, and other international authorities, Jonah along with the other guards must protect Koko with their lives on the line.

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8. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – April 2009
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 26
  • Studio – Bee Train

A mysterious company named Inferno is responsible for the most assassinations in America.

They use human weapons named Phantom to do these jobs.

One day a Japanese tourist accidentally witnesses such an assassin and while trying to get away he gets caught.

The Phantom was revealed to be a girl named Ein who brainwashed him and gave him the name “Zwei”.

In a world full of bloodshed, Zwei has to survive until he regains his memories.

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7. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – October 2006
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 203
  • Studio – Artland

The Vongola family is the strongest Mafia family in Italy.

But with the current boss retiring soon they are looking for someone worthy to take over the title of the ninth boss.

And for that, they have sent Reborn, a baby hitman to train Tsunayoshi Sawada.

But making someone like Sawada worthy of being a mafia boss is intimidating as he is known as “Loser Tsuna” throughout his middle school for his clumsiness, who is also hopelessly in love with the school idol Kyouko Sasagawa.

And thus Reborn begins his nearly impossible mission to transform clumsy Sawada into the ninth boss of the Vongola family.

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6. Banana Fish

Banana Fish - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – July 2018
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 24
  • Studio – MAPPA

Ash Lynx was taken off the streets and raised by Dino Golzine, an infamous godfather of the mafia.

Now 17, Ash has his own gang. He is intrigued by the mysterious Banana Fish and is searching for it.

Meanwhile, when Ash is meeting with two Japanese photographers at his bar, he is ambushed by Dino’s men.

They kidnapped Ash’s friend Skip and one of the photographers, Eiji.

Continuing his investigation about Banana Fish, Ash has to rescue them from Dino.

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5. 91 Days

91 Days - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – July 2016
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 12
  • Studio – Shuka

The trauma of witnessing his family getting murdered by the Vanetti mafia family has haunted Angelo Lagusa since his childhood.

Being the lone survivor, he takes on a new identity of Avilio Bruno.

After struggling for years, he gets a chance to avenge his family after getting a mysterious invitation to the town of his endless nightmare.

Upon arriving he meets Nero, Vanetti’s son, and befriends him.

And thus begins a never seen classic tale of revenge.

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4. Baccano!

Baccano - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – July 2007
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 1
  • Episodes – 13
  • Studio – Brain’s Base

To find the invaluable missing bottle of the immortality elixir, scientist Szilard and his aide Ennis have begun their search.

On the other hand, a mafia war has broken out.

And thus people with different ambitions board the Flying Pussyfoot train not knowing the tragedy that’s waiting for them.

Amongst them are sweet and kind-hearted thieves Issac and Miria who have no idea what they have gotten into.

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3. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – April 2016
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 3
  • Episodes – 36
  • Studio – Bones

Atsushi Nakajima is an orphan who finds himself on the streets after getting accused of the strange incidents in the orphanage.

One day he saves a drowning man who happens to be a supernatural detective named Osamu Dazai.

Dazai and his partner Kunikida were investigating a mysterious tiger.

Soon after solving the mystery, Atsushi was forced by Dazai into joining the detective agency.

And begins his new life as a supernatural detective.

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2. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – April 2006
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 2
  • Episodes – 24
  • Studio – Madhouse

Roanapur is a lawless city brimming with illegal activities.

Rokurou Okajima is a normal Japanese businessman who is on a business trip to Southeast Asia.

But soon his life changed when he was kidnapped by a mercenary group called Black Lagoon as a bargaining chip.

Just when he thought he would be saved, he was betrayed by his employer.

Frustrated by his miserable life, he decides to join Black Lagoon and starts a new life altogether.

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1. Durarara!!

Durarara - Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime
  • Release Date – January 2010
  • Status – Completed
  • Seasons – 4
  • Episodes –  60
  • Studio – Brain’s Base, Shuka

Mikado Ryuugamine’s dream of enjoying city life has come true when he comes to Ikebukuro upon his childhood friend’s invitation.

Upon arriving he witnesses the legendary headless Black Rider making him more excited about the city life.

However, what he thought to be the beginning of an exciting life soon turned into a board game where he finds himself as a pawn amongst many others.

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Honorable Mentions:

Some other mafia anime that is worth watching are:

Kaiji, My Bride is a Mermaid, The Gokusen.

This finishes our Top 10 Mafia Gangster Anime you should watch in the 2021 list. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more anime and manga-related content like this. We also cover many manga and anime updates so don’t forget to check them out too.

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