What to expect from Vinland Saga Season 2

Vinland Saga is back with a thrilling second season after a very long time 4 years but after seeing the first episode and the original elements that were added to it, we can say that the wait was worth it. The series resumed its second season on 9th January 2023.

The first episode of Vinland Saga Season 2 [Now available to watch on Netflix] sets the starting for the upcoming Farmland arc which starts in chapter 55 of the manga and ends in chapter 99. In the first episode, we saw the backstory of Einar, who eventually ends up on the same farm as Thorfinn and from here they will team up and plan their escape.

What to expect from Vinland Saga Season 2

In Einar’s backstory, we saw that his father died while saving his family and Einar helped rebuild the whole village again. He now lives a peaceful life with his mother and sister but his instincts are of warriors. He starts to train but his mother says that he does not need to do this as they are safe now and no one is coming to harm them in the next scene we see that the village gets attacked.

Einar’s family was hiding in the bushes but as they tried to run they were discovered by the troops and an arrow hit his mother on the back and she was not able to move after that but she told Einar to run with his sister before she died but it was too late as the troops already reached them.

His sister was taken by troops but she resisted and attacked and was killed. Einar then was taken by the troops and sold into slavery for some petty money. Then we saw Einar on a boat where people were dying because of some disease and the operators were throwing the people into the sea who had no chance of survival because of the disease.

Einar - Vinland Saga Season 2

However, Einar arrived at the land safely and then was put on sale. He tried to run away but where could he possibly go in that faraway land? He got caught and was beaten up pretty badly before being put on sale again. He then encountered the old man looking for Thorfinn. Then he got sold to Ketil who owns a farm and we finally saw the first meeting of Thorfinn and Einar in the anime. Now, the story will progress on the Ketil’s farm for a solid 45 chapters as they both plan their escape.

Vinland Saga Season 1 Recap

Vinland Saga is a historical anime series based on the manga series of the same name written by Makoto Yukimura. Season 1 of the anime adaptation covers the first arc of the manga, which follows the story of Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior who seeks revenge for the death of his father, Thors.

The series begins with Thorfinn’s childhood, where he is raised in a Viking settlement in Iceland by his father, Thors. Thors is a peaceful and honorable warrior who believes in trading with other cultures rather than raiding and pillaging. However, their settlement is attacked by the ruthless warrior, Askeladd, who kills Thors in front of Thorfinn.

Askeladd takes Thorfinn under his wing and raises him as a warrior, but Thorfinn’s ultimate goal is to avenge his father’s death. Askeladd is a complex character who is both a ruthless killer and a leader with a sense of honor. He is hired by King Sweyn to invade England, and Thorfinn joins him, hoping to find an opportunity to kill him.

During their journey to England, Thorfinn and Askeladd’s band of warriors encounter many challenges, including clashes with other Viking groups and battles with the English army. Along the way, Thorfinn also meets a slave girl named Canute, who becomes his friend and companion.

As the series progresses, Thorfinn is forced to confront the realities of war and violence and begins to question the true nature of a warrior and the concept of revenge. He also learns more about Askeladd’s past and motivations and ultimately has to make a difficult decision about his own path in life.

Overall, the first season of Vinland Saga was well-written and well-animated that tells a compelling story of revenge, honor, and the true nature of being a Viking warrior, while also providing a glimpse into the world of the Vikings and their way of life.

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