[Real Reason]Why Creators decided Ace Death in One Piece Explained?

Ace Death in One Piece
Ace Death in One Piece

Portgas D. Ace in One Piece is none other than Monkey D. Luffy‘s brother. Despite not being blood relatives, they have a close sibling relationship, but Ace Death in One Piece is very shocking. Many fans liked Ace One Piece & willing to know the reason Why the creators killed Ace in One Piece anime. The World Government is after Ace because of his lineage, and he was given the death penalty if captured. He made his formal debut as he went to see Luffy on the Going Merry in the Alabasta Arc.

He served as the Spade Pirates’ commander before joining the Whitebeard Pirates, where he rose to Second Division Commander. He had a father-son bond with Whitebeard and constantly watched out for Ace. Ace originally appeared in the Drum Island Arc, but he was properly introduced in the Arabasta Arc when he served as a temporary ally of the Straw Hat Pirates. He plays an important role in the Summit War Saga. He also appears in Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search Cover Page Serial.

Importance of Ace in One Piece

Although Ace One Piece was already exceptionally strong from his training at Mount Colubo, eating the Devil fruit made him even more powerful. In addition to his athletic skills, he could control flames from his body.

He gained the title “Fire Fist Ace” as a result. Because physical attacks couldn’t damage Ace, fans frequently questioned if anyone was stronger than him. Ace had effortlessly destroyed several Baroque Work ships, demonstrating his ability.

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To Luffy, Ace One Piece was like an older brother. The two were stepbrothers in many ways. Yet, they were not related by blood; they were close. Luffy’s grandpa adopted Ace after Gol D. Roger, Ace’s father, died.

They grew up together and were constantly seated next to one another. They still loved and guarded each other despite not being blood brothers. They had a closer bond than many true brothers in the annals of anime, as seen in several scenes in One Piece anime.

Fans frequently agreed on this dispute for a long time: Ace is stronger than Luffy. Ace consistently prevailed against Luffy in their early fights. Later, when Ace acquired the Mera Mera no Mi, it became evident that he would easily triumph over Luffy.

Ace was smarter than him. Therefore he could easily outwit the commander of the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite what many people claim, Luffy was more focused. He, therefore, has a better claim to the title of Pirate King.

How did Ace Die in One Piece?

Ace Death in One Piece

Ace has always lived with arrogance since he was a pirate. Every great pirate knows that life on the high seas is dangerous and that they may die at any time. The pirates follow a certain code of honor as well. For instance, since he served for Thatch, the Fourth Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace decided to get revenge on the latter when Blackbeard killed him.

Ace could not let this go due to his feeling of obligation and respect for his father, Whitebeard. He immediately started looking for Blackbeard, and soon he came across him. Ace engaged Blackbeard in the fight without realizing that the pirate was disguising his full abilities. Yet it must be remembered that Ace would try to combat him even if he knew his abilities.

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This is particularly significant given that Blackbeard sought to catch Luffy, his younger brother. Ace is a responsible elder brother, so he knew he couldn’t back out once he heard this from him. Ace was the one who was ultimately taken prisoner and handed over to the Navy, not Luffy. The Navy, which had been searching for Ace for years after realizing he was the son of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, eventually benefited as they did.

The Navy decided to execute Ace since ending his lineage was crucial to them. This decision led to the outbreak of the Paramount War. Even though all of Ace’s allies came to his aid and ultimately succeeded in saving him due to their combined efforts, Ace opted to give his life to shield Luffy from Akainu’s wrath, ending the illustrious career of the pirate Portgas D. Ace.

If you’re wondering which One Piece episode Portgas D. Ace passed away, it was Episode 483.

Impact of Ace death in One Piece

His passing was a significant turning point in the series and was also devastating. Once Ace death in One Piece is confirmed, Luffy decides to meet his crew two later and trains with Rayleigh to perfect his haki and devil fruit skills. He debuted as Luffy’s brother during the “Alabasta” storyline. Ace was a capable combatant and the second-division leader of the Whitebeard Pirates, with a reward of 550 million berries. One can only imagine how devastating it must have been for him to pass away in that manner.

Also, the way Oda Eiichiro depicts the similarities between the two brothers causes the tragedy to be experienced again by the audience. Luffy promises Otama the same thing Ace did at the time. Yamato talks to Luffy about her history and tells him he makes her think of Ace. She had been expecting Luffy to visit Wano and team up with her to beat Kaido ever since she learned about him.

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Despite not being biological brothers, Ace and Luffy were grown together. They were equally careless and generous. Although if the viewers were previously aware of this, for some reason, the “Wano” storyline makes it even clearer. Every time Ace is mentioned, Luffy pretends to be sad, which reminds the audience of how upset he was when Ace died in one piece.

The real reason why creators killed Ace in One Piece

The answer is straightforward. Creators aimed to develop in Luffy the drive to become more powerful. Before the time skips, Luffy was extremely weak. By training and polishing under Rayleigh, Oda utilized Ace’s passing to set him on the right road to reclaiming the title of Pirate King. In addition, it would have been achievable without eliminating Ace. Nonetheless, the result would have essentially remained the same. The loss of Ace was profound.

If you’re familiar with Naruto, something similar occurred there. If you haven’t yet watched the series, there are spoilers ahead. Masashi Kishimoto assassinated Jiraiya, Naruto’s teacher, to strengthen Naruto. The same card was used by both Oda and other anime and manga creators. It is believed that Oda made the correct decision, and you can anticipate more of the same in One Piece’s future.

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